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25 Funny Gifts for Friends Under $25

Updated on January 30, 2015

Have holidays coming up? Then you should be looking for funny gifts for friends rather than serious or sentimental ones!

There is truly no better reaction than what you get when you give funny gifts. For friends, it’s even more fun because it’s least expected! I’m not talkin’ those cliché talking fish, either!

Need some good ideas? Here’s a list of 25 funny gifts for friends under $25!

  • Fake winning scratch-off ticket: Make sure to pick one that looks similar to ones you have locally! It will get them every time!
  • Cards Against Humanity: A funny party game for horrible people, just as the description says. This one never disappoints!
  • “I’m a douche” coffee mug: What looks like a plain ol’ coffee mug takes a turn for the hilarious when he takes a drink! This plain white coffee mug has a message hidden on the bottom that everyone else is sure to notice!
  • Depends adult diapers: It all depends on the age. If turning 30 or 40, it serves as a funny reminder that they’re getting old!
  • Dirty Minds game: The ultimate game where dirty minds are put to the test with dirty clues describing ordinary things…
  • Beer cake: This is not how it sounds. Pick up a case of cans of your friend’s favorite beer and make a 3-tier “cake” by using round cardboard cutouts on the bottom and in between the layers for support. Tie a nice ribbon around each layer to hold them together and place a nice bow on top!
  • Your face on a stick: Print up a life-size picture of your face on cardstock, cut it out and glue it to a popsicle stick!

  • Poo Pourri gift set: Now she can safely say her poop doesn’t stink! It can smell like anything from roses to peaches!
  • Shhh...there's wine in here tumbler: Great for your girlfriend or any wine connoisseur, this is a funny tumbler that really just might have some wine inside!
  • Creative Cursing Profanity Generator: Mix and match words you’ve never thought to use together before to be original in an argument!
  • Bearded ski mask: With this mask, every month is a no-shave month!
  • Shewee Extreme: Now the ladies can join the fellas in the urinal lineup! Or on the side of the road, behind a bush, next to the too-busy port-o-potties, and, well, you get the pissture.
  • Remote control fart machine: Fart noises never get old, and now they can mess around anywhere! It’s best to present this gift unknowingly by testing it on the recipient. Hide it in their purse or next to their seat, go in another room and push that button!
  • "I could pee on this" cat calendar: Sure to make cat lovers anywhere let out a good laugh or twelve!
  • "Sweat is fat crying" racerback tank: This is a great shirt for the excessive sweater or the one who loves going to the gym!
  • Bacon gift set: If your friend can’t get enough of bacon, they sure will with this gift set! Complete with a bacon air freshener, lip balm, gum balls, playing cards, candy, toothpicks, and dental floss, it will bring one sizzle of a laugh!
  • Fanny bank farting piggy bank: It all starts with sticking money in the crack…

  • "You parked like an idiot" business cards: We’ve always wanted to say something to that guy who just can’t park his car in one spot, you know, that one that prevented you from parking in the only seemingly available close parking space. Yeah, that one. Now you can say something!
  • People of Walmart boxed calendar: I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.
  • BS button: Everyone knows about the “that was easy!” button, but calling BS at the push of a button is so much more fun!
  • Money in bar soap: The only soap where it truly pays to be clean!
  • Blue Q "this economy sucks" coin purse: This coin purse says it all, because obviously the economy sucking is the reason why you don’t have a fat wallet instead, right?
  • "What's Your Poo Telling You?" book: As we get older, we start paying more attention to this stuff! Bowel movements say a lot about your health, so read this book and pay attention!
  • "Why Do Men Have Nipples?" book: The description says it’s a book of questions you’d only ask a doctor after your third martini. I personally have this book and it’s great!
  • Bacon flavored toothpaste: Because bacon.

How do you feel about receiving funny gifts?

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These are all great ideas for holidays or birthdays for that friend with a good sense of humor.

Funny gifts will never get old, but friends sure do! They say laughter keeps you young, or something like that.

Jim Gaffigan - Bacon


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