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Funny Greeting Cards And Extra Greeting Card Humor

Updated on April 11, 2012

Good humor is actually suprisingly hard to find in greetings cards

I figured since it is often difficult to find that perfect greetings card that I would share some of the ones I find funny. Whether you are actually looking for greeting cards, or just want a laugh this hub should do you right. The funniest thing I found while on my search for funny greeting cards is actually a picture of a greeting card stand. I saved the best for last in this hub. Enjoy!

A funny card for friends
A funny card for friends

Great Birthday Card For Older People

This next card is perfect for friends or family that you have that may be getting a bit older. It should easily bring a smile to their face. Even if the joke doesn't work, the picture is almost funny enough on its own.

Who Me??? I Didn't take the peanuts!!

This next card is hilarious but really doesn't have particular celebration in mind and so may not be as useful as the others, but I still thought it was funny.

Perfect card for people who dislike the current president!

I have a few people in mind for this particular card and think it is fantastic.

Last but certainly not least, as promised!

The best piece of humor I found while looking online for funny greeting cards is this wonderful thing below!

Why not check out one of my other hubs?
Why not check out one of my other hubs?


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    • profile image

      Jack 5 years ago

      The funniest greeting cards I've seen are on They're kind of rude and sarcastic, but if you have a good sense of humor, you'll like them.