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Funny Group Costume Ideas

Updated on May 28, 2014

Funny Group Halloween Costume Ideas that You and Your Friends Should Order

Being a part of a group is one of the best feelings. A group has great camaraderie; it is an opportunity to spend meaningful time with people who have the same interests; and it is a chance to let down your hair and be yourself. That is why if you are going to a party, be it Halloween or a bachelor party, wouldn’t it be great to wear funny group costumes?

When your entire group wears the costume, it gets you and the rest of the members laughing. Imagine what a wonderful photo-op this would be, something you can look at years later and still crack up! Many of the costumes can bring a smile on the faces of onlookers, but you can be certain that there will be plenty of people rolling on the floor watching you in these unique and funny group costume ideas.

The Best Costumes for Groups

If you are still wondering which are the best costumes for a group that can turn a simple costume party into a hilarious one, here are a few funny group costume ideas you should seriously consider.

Funny Costumes for Men - Varsity Cheerleader Costume

There is nothing funnier than watching grown men trying to dress up as women and that too as sexy and sultry cheerleaders! Although this is a simple group costume, you can be certain it will have many people laughing so much that will start complaining of a stitch at their sides.

Made from 100% polyester, this cheerleader group costume comes with inflatable boobs that are adjustable. It comes in one size fit all. While wigs are not part of the costume, you can complete the ensemble by donning one. This simple costume is easy to wear and you can let your imagination run wild. Just make sure you take several photographs of your group, so that you can have enough memories of the hilarious time you spent together.

It is not surprising that this costume has an Amazon rating of 4 out 5 stars. This should say something about how popular it is among men looking for funny group costume ideas.

Funny Halloween Costume Idea for a Group of Four - The Muppets

Remember the Muppets from your childhood? Well, they were cute then and are cute even today. However, when grownups dress up as Muppet characters, there is bound to be laughter all around.

You have a choice between Kermit the Frog, Gonzo and Fozzie Bear. All costumes come with half masks and gloves. Thereafter, the costume turns into one that fits the character to the hilt. For instance, Kermit’s costume consists of a collar with attached chain and drumsticks; whereas Gonzo costume comprises of shirt, shorts, cape and leg socks.

Your group may stir up some nostalgia, but once that is over, be ready to make a lot of people laugh with your costume and antics! The best part is all costumes are designed and stitched to fit comfortably and are brand new, never-worn-before ensembles.

Funny Halloween Costume for a Group of Five - Pac-Man

Before smartphones, Nintendos and PlayStations invaded our lives, people used to play Pac-Man on their humble PCs. And, it was one of the most popular games was Pac-Man. So, call it nostalgia when you realize that you and your group can dress up as those lovable Pac-Man characters - Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Clyde and Pac-Man himself.

Once you get those emotions out of the way, you will be ready to be a hilarious group of five that steal the limelight at any costume party! All costumes are designed to fit comfortably and above all, they are brand new.

Funny Costume for a Group of Four - M&Ms Poncho

Those colorful M&Ms hold a lot of memories for adults and there is nothing like reliving those memories. The costume is in the form of a poncho. It comes with a tunic and one blue, one yellow, one red and one green adult standard size poncho.

Once you dress up as MM candies, you may think you look delicious. However, be prepared to have everyone in fits of laughter at your appearance. Of course, you and others will find the costume sweet, but seeing adults wear it will turn into a funny affair. So be prepared to tickle quite a few funny bones!

Funny Costume Idea for Women - Adult Crayola Crayon

This group costume is for all those ladies there, who want to show their sense of humor. The group costume is in the form of a tank dress, which comes four colors – blue, purple, green and pink. You also get a matching hat to complete the ensemble.

While the costume does not come with matching shoes, it is not that difficult to find shoes that go with the costume, depending on which color tank dress you choose. The moment you and your three friends walk into the costume party, be prepared to have heads turn and then hear people laugh aloud. Well, congratulations! You have achieved your goal of wearing a funny group costume.

Funny Halloween Costume Ideas

Funny group costume ideas are more than just tickling people’s funny bone. It is about using these costumes to enjoy yourself and strengthen bonds of friendship. There is nothing like a good laugh to de-stress yourself and forget the rigors of daily life. So order your funny group costume today and have a whale of a time!


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