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Funny Dads - Top Movies

Updated on July 10, 2011

Funny Movies For All!

Comedy movies are all around us, they bring us laughter, tears and joy when watching these exciting movies. The films regarding dads and fathers are the ones that hit close to home. The Holiday "Father's Day make us think of all the dads out there that have changed our lives. These movies listed below represent the top fathers within these films. They are funny, unique, unusual and rememberable.


Robin Williams
Robin Williams

Old Dogs - GREAT Father Movie!

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Wild Hogs Movie - So Funny!

Mrs. Doubtfire - Great Dad Movie!

Liar Liar - Great Comedy

Funny Movies About Dads!

Watch these clips and see if you laugh and laugh at the real life like fathers;

Old Dogs- Robin Williams and John Travolta have amazing chemistry in this movie. They feed off each other that the film gets more intriguing and more unique with each scene. One scene (watch clip) is so funny; it can bring you to tears. This movie is about two middle aged men that seem to have it but when one of them finds out he is a first time father, it because more funny as each episode comes to life. Hilarious!

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – Clark Griswold is the ultimate father of our times. Clark wants his Christmas to be perfect for his family. He is sincere, focused, loveable and adorable in this movie. He is amusing to watch and hear. The surrounding cast only adds to the fun fest ivies of this film. The characters are witty, serious, odd and quaint during each scene. You will find much laughter and love in this movie. This Holiday movie is so funny and great to watch during the festive Holidays!

Wild Hogs – Talking about three fathers, played by Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, William H. Macy and one friend (John Travolta) that are in mid life crisis, so this film is perfect for all people. It brings humor of men fighting to recapture their youth through motorcycle riding. The four pals relive lifetime memories, current heartaches and struggles to find the strength to move forward. It is comical and insightful. Hilarious movie about middle age fathers trying to figure life out through their uproarious road trip!

Mrs. Doubtfire – this movie is about a dad going through a divorce and only wanting to be with his children. Robin Williams plays a father that has lost his way; he has lost his job, his kids and his wife. After becoming a nanny for his children (pretending to be an older woman) he learns the lessons of life. This movie is so entertaining, amusing and enjoyable for all family members. Be prepared to laugh and to cry.

Liar Liar –this film is about a lawyer (Jim Carrey) who can’t stop lying until his son makes a wish on his birthday that his dad will no longer lie. The wish comes true; no longer can the dad lie! The whole movie is funny, serious and witty. The cast of characters play off each other to make a remarkable movie about a dad growing up and accepting responsibility. The journey is joyous and festive. The cheerful presence of Jim Carrey in this movie is enough to make anyone double over in laughter but to add the cast of characters only makes it better! This dad learned a lot when he had to tell the truth for a whole day!

Although, it’s just the movies, these fathers above bring reality to the life we live every day. We can see our own fathers in these movies, find quotes or sayings that we use when talking about our own dads. Going through the first child to middle life crisis, fathers are a humorous lot that we love and cherish. Enjoy these movies, find the laughter and embrace the merriment! Happy Father’s Day to all dads!



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