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Funny New Year Resolutions 2015

Updated on December 27, 2014
New Year Celebration
New Year Celebration | Source

Everyone think of a New Year resolution in the month of December. Here are some Funny New Year Resolutions for the year 2015, which will certainly give you a fresh start. What kind of resolution you are going to make this New Year? May be Following New Year funny resolutions will give you an idea.

  • From today, I will take a shower daily. I will not bother my friends and co workers with my sweat any more.
  • I will use deodorant daily and save detergent in laundry.
  • My New Year Resolution for coming year is that I will not log in my Facebook account every hour.
  • I will quit alcohol from this New Year instead I will concentrate on any new habit may be smoking.
  • I will try to make a new and unique excuse for a leave in the office.
  • I will not bore my friends with my weird jokes rather I will find a girlfriend for me this New Year.
  • I will do a part time job to do saving for future. I think I should buy some lottery tickets!!

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Some more Funny New Year Resolutions for a best laugh ever:

  • I will not forget to brush my teeth with toothpaste instead of shaving cream.
  • I will drive safely and use a mouth freshener if drunk.
  • I will cut down my internet addiction; instead I will play computer games for time pass.
  • I will try to be more imaginative in my day dreaming habit.
  • I promise I will not give an intent look to any lady in the presence of my wife.
  • This Year I will not be caught red handed by my wife whenever I lie.
  • My New Year Resolution: Try to tolerate my foolish colleagues more wisely.

What could be better than a good laugh to start and welcome New Year? Share these Funny New Year Resolutions 2015 with your friends and family to spread joy and happiness on the eve of New Year.


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    • writer20 profile image

      Joyce Haragsim 6 years ago from Southern Nevada

      Good luck with remembering all of your resolutions.