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25 Funny Valentine's Day Gifts Under $25

Updated on January 12, 2015

Valentine’s Day is coming up, have you thought about what you are going to get for the one you love?

You’d better start thinking because the big day will be here before you know it. What kind of impression do you want to make?

Nothing says last minute like a small box of chocolates and a rose. You can do better than that!


Funny Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Let’s face it, flowers, chocolates, and giant teddy bears are getting really old and boring. Think outside the box of chocolates this year by shopping around for funny Valentine’s Day gifts.

Need a few ideas on what to look for? Here’s a list of 25 funny Valentine’s Day gift ideas, all under $25 (score)!

Gift Ideas Under $25

Superhero aprons: Nothing says you’re a super funny and perfect couple than wearing coordinating superhero aprons in the kitchen!

I Heart Bacon calendar: This is the perfect gift for a bacon connoisseur, and if there is anything they don’t know about bacon, they will learn it!

"I love you from the top to the bottom" toilet paper: Even dropping reminders of how much you love someone in the bathroom can win their hearts. (or sharts?)

Mankini thong: Turn your man into a wild beast in bed with this fun (for her) man thong!

Stud muffin mug: If your man is a stud muffin, then he should have something to serve as a reminder, no?

Fuzzy handcuffs: Nothing says “love” like a pair of fuzzy handcuffs!

Cards Against Humanity: Obviously you'll need more than just you and your significant other to play this game, but I can tell you, you won't regret getting it!

Nag Notes dry erase message board: Keep the nagging level to a minimum by giving her something to write her thoughts down instead. At least you won’t forget!

Undies for two: Just when you thought you shared everything with your other half, this product comes out to prove you wrong!

Ring for a Quickie bell: This bell is good for either gender because we can all use a quickie once in a while, whether it be a quickie in bed, or a sandwich real quickie!

"I love you with all my butt" card: Only because my butt is bigger than my heart!

Why you're so awesome journal: Give the gift of this fill-in-the-blank journal telling your other half just what makes them so awesome!

Sex checks book: Keeping those checks and balances in the bedroom has never been easier before!

I love you this much teddy bear: This funny-looking bear is also really cute and would make the perfect gift for your better half!

Love hurts zombie plush: We all know that love can hurt, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to give this zombie plush that says it all! Okay, it might hurt the stomach from so much laughter.

"Blink if you want me" t-shirt: With this t-shirt, you’ll know that everyone wants you!

"Best Husband Ever" t-shirt: Heck, I kind of even want one!

Bacon and eggs couples mugs: Cute and hilarious! Enjoy your morning coffee together in style with these mugs!

Boyfriend arm body pillow: The perfect gift for your girl when you're out of town!

Box of chocolates Forrest Gump mug: Who doesn't love them some Forrest Gump?

Box of chocolates mouse pad: Probably not really what she had in mind, so you’d better also come prepared with the real thing! Girls are serious when it comes to chocolate.

Happy Man novelty wine stopper: Well, that’s another way to plug up a bottle of wine...

His/hers "Mr. Right" and "Mrs. Always Right" pillows: These pillows really say it all, and it’s probably true!

"How To Talk To Girls" book: Sometimes guys just need a little reminder on how to talk to their lady, whether she’s 8 or 88!

"This girl loves her fiancé" shirt: Engaged and looking for the perfect gift for her? Look no further, this gift will say I love you and I love you too!


Skip the Boring Flowers & Candy

Seeing all of these, isn’t it enough for you to want to go outside of the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts?

As a society centered around mass consumerism, we’ve come to expect certain things at certain times of year as evidenced by the shelves filled with holiday stuff months before the holiday even comes.

Break tradition and start new ones, you might actually take your other half by surprise, which is even better, right?

Be sure to also check out 20 Funny Valentine's Day Sayings for funny things to say to your Valentine!

I Gave My Wife or Girlfriend A Terrible Gift For Valentine's Day

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