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Gadget Lovers Wish List for Christmas

Updated on October 19, 2012

Technology Gadgets For Christmas

With the wide array of smart phones, tablets, readers and other gadgets available, now has never been a better time to buy the one you love a nifty, high tech gadget. As technology improves and prices fall, this is a good opportunity to buy a quality gift to last – making both of you happy during the holiday season.

Gadgets are not cheap, but I did some investigating to see where the best picks of the season lie. Brands like Apple command top dollar but also provide long-lasting quality and a name that many trust, so consider these latest and greatest technological trends to hit the market.

Top Picks

The world famous Apple iPad, version 3 was newly released in March 2012 and it certainly leads the pack when it comes to tablets and the most wanted on many peoples Christmas wish list. For me the biggest improvement is the new Retina Screen, for me it makes having glasses nearly an unnecessary requirement. Not only that, the trend-setting Apple has created a revolutionary processor with LTE capabilities up to 4G.

With a purchase price of around $500, it is a great investment for someone you love, particularly at Christmas time. If this is too much money for your budget why not consider the older version, the Apple iPad 2. It is still a wonderful gift that will be well appreciated but hurry, stocks are now getting low.

Kindle Readers

Kindle readers are also hot this year, they were a must have last year and 12 months on their popularity hasn't dropped. Designed to hold up to 10,000 ebooks, they will enable your darling to read wherever they may be. The newer, HD Fire models, allow its user to download movies for home and Wi-Fi viewing so now you can use them to read e-books or surf the net. The HD Fire models are available in two sizes they have one of the most advanced LCD 7" screens creating a viewable display that's doesn't become impossible to see even in the presence of an overhead light.

The audio capabilities are also pretty impressive and you do not need a set of headphones thanks to the exclusive custom Dolby audio technology that is in use. Another great feature is the way the Fire uses state-of-the-art dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi making it 41% faster than an iPad3. Will the Kindle Fire be a more popular tablet than the iPad this year, personally I don't think so but it does offer an affordable alternative to the Apple.

Apple TV

Apple TV is a another hot trend as the demand for streaming movies and de-cluttering yourself of DVD's continues. If you already own an iPad or an iPhone this piece of kit will fit in perfectly with its ability to stream content from both devices as well as your PC or other Apple devices.

You can also connect to your favourite online movie rental site such as Netflix and connect to iTunes applications as well as your favourite online video services such as YouTube and Vimeo as well as access your Flickr photos.

Despite being a must have gadget, as with most Apple products this piece of tech works straight out of the box with minimum effort to set it all up and a very user friendly and easy to use interface. Ladies - this is also a small and rather smart looking unit that doesn't require much space.

Sonos Play 5

The Play 5 could be described as a speaker with a built in amplifier however that would do this unit such a major injustice as it is much more than that, it is the music equivalent of sex on legs.

he Sonos Play 5 is a great gift for music lovers with an eclectic taste. The technology of the Sonos allows users to enjoy wireless speaker systems – if you have never experienced a Sonos system before I can assure you it has a quality name and is renowned for being the top in its field.

Like all other Sonos equipment the Play 5 is compatible with other Sonos wireless products around the house, it enables you to have home stereo without unsightly wires everywhere. It also works as a stream system between TV media services. This is a truly innovative gift that the gadget lover in your life is bound to treasure.

Sonos 5 Wireless Music Player


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