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Gearing up For Halloween

Updated on August 22, 2017

Trick or Treat

Yep its that time of year again. Time to dust off the skeletons and untangle the webs. While it may sound like I'm referring to Spring or Fall cleaning, I actually mean Halloween! One of the spookiest and most fun nights of the year.

I honestly cannot believe that 2011 is already almost over and Halloween is again upon us! I personally love Halloween, but it is shocking to see it back so soon. So are you ready?

If you, like me, get excited about all the horror movies and energy that October brings, then you are probably already getting ready, even though its still close to a month away. No matter, soon it will be time to start scanning the DVR for movies to record and looking online for the perfect costume and treat ideas. And loving every minute of it.

My sister always throws a huge Halloween Bash every year, and she always themes it. This year is Fairy Tales! She has already informed me that she is little dead riding hood, and Rapunzel, and a few others are already taken, so I have to scan around, dig deep into memory and search for a great and original idea of my own. But that is half the fun of it right?

So what are you doing this year? Do you have some special plans to give out treats, TP your neighbor's house or head out to a party? Whatever you choose to do this year, make sure that you follow these simple and easy rules.

1. Have Fun - seems like a given, but believe it or not, some of us actually try to make ourselves unhappy. Try to cut yourself some slack this year and enjoy the holidays.

2. Be responsible - its alright to get stupid as long as you do it on your own time, and property. Make sure that if you decide to drink and party hardy that you do it responsibly and DON'T drive, please. There are always a lot of children out on Halloween, so let's keep it a fun night for everyone.

3. Try to make it fun for everyone - if you're staying home and handing out treats this year, make sure you do it with a smile and a fun attitude. No-one wants to deal with a cranky person on a night that is supposed to be filled with excitement.

Halloween Plans

What are your Halloween plans?

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Leave me a trick or treat - I prefer treats :)

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