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Get Well Card Messages & Wishes

Updated on January 8, 2015

Who doesn’t enjoy receiving greeting cards? Especially when we are sick. There’s nothing quite like receiving a card with nice get well card messages to put a big smile on that face that’s likely been coughing a ton!


Get Well Card Messages

It’s easy to go to the store and find a nice card, but if you take the time to make your own and write very personalized get well card messages, it is sure to put an even bigger smile on the face of the ill.

Whether you make your own card, or just buy a blank one at the store to write in your own message, so as long as the message comes from your heart, it will be felt by theirs and be so appreciated!

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right things to write in a card, especially during a time of illness. Take into consideration the recipients personality so as to avoid writing something that will offend them. If you need a few examples, here’s some get well card messages for you!


Be sure that the recipient has a good sense of humor. Proceed with caution!

  • Stay AWAY from the light! I repeat, stay AWAY from the light! Get well soon!

  • I heard you were under the weather, as long as you don’t go over the rainbow, we’re okay. I hope you feel better!

  • Get well soon because your cough sounds so gross! Sincerely, your loving sister.

  • Well, at least it’s not Ebola! Get well soon!

  • You said you needed a break, well, be careful what you ask for next time! Get well!

  • Don’t get well soon, get well NOW!

  • Well obviously germs find you as irresistible as I do, so get well soon!

  • You know you’re sick when your bowels move faster than you. Get better soon.

  • I heard you caught a bug! Can I squish it? Get well soon!

  • What I learned from you being sick: The house doesn’t clean itself. Get well soon, my dear wife!



This is the safest kind of message to write in a get well card. You can’t possibly get offended by nice words!

  • Sending well wishes and happy thoughts your way! Get well soon.

  • I was told you are under the weather. I’m here if you need me. Get well!

  • Missing your smiling face at work! Get well soon!

  • Wishing you better health in the days to come. Rest up and get well!

  • The flu is the worst! I hope you feel better soon!

  • Getting sick is your body’s way of telling you to slow it down! Seize this opportunity to rest up. Chores can wait! Get better soon!

  • Eat some chicken noodle soup, drink some OJ, take a few baths. You’ve got this! Get well soon!

  • Sending you some sunshine and rainbows, and happy thoughts for a speedy recovery! Get well soon!

  • Sending warm wishes your way to get well soon! Bundle up.

  • We miss you at work! Get well soon, it’s just not the same without you here.


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Not everyone is religious, so also proceed with caution on this one.

  • Praying that you feel better in time for Sunday School! Get well soon!

  • Sending prayers for a speedy recovery. Get better!

  • God knows you’ve been working hard, so he has forced a break on you. Take it and relax!

  • We missed you this past Sunday! It’s not like you to not be at church. We hope you feel better!

  • Saying a prayer for you. May your soup be hot and your cold be gone! Get well soon!

  • Being sick is never fun, but you’re under God’s care. You WILL get better soon!

  • Heavenly father, please give (name) the strength to get through this awful illness and let her find comfort in you as she makes her way through recovery. AMEN!

  • Nows the time to pause and reflect on life, catch up on prayer and bible studies. Praying for you to feel better soon!

  • God is smiling down at you as you rest peacefully in bed. Get well soon!

  • Never forget to talk to our healer, Lord Jesus Christ. He will help you! Get well soon!

Sending cards promotes a positive attitude, and positivity does wonders for your health! Send a card to make their day bright.

The Official "Get Well Soon!" Song


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