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Get Your Party Glowing!

Updated on November 10, 2014

Colorful lights are essential component of any party. They add fun and enjoyment to the party, besides providing light, which is the main reason why they are so popular. With glow sticks, you can have fun in numerous ways; here are only some.

Glow Dresses

Stick or stitch glow sticks all over your and your buddies’ dresses to make them glowing at night. Simply stick them in a line on the dresses, whichever way you want and the dance party will become outstanding.

Glowing Cut-Glassware

Everyone of us has a lot of lids of jars in our homes. The glass jars are broken and their plastic lids survive. You can make use of these lids to adorn your cut glassware with glow sticks to add fun to your party. Activate glow sticks by bending, pressing and shaking them. After they start glowing shape them in circles and fix on the inner border of the lids. Many of them will fit in perfectly. And then fix these glowing lids at the bottom of your glassware items. The glasses, plates, mugs, etc will keep on glowing and your guests will enjoy drinking and eating in them.

Glowing Beach Balls and Balloons

Get glowing beach balls and balloons by inserting multicolored glow sticks in them. This is an easiest way to have fun and get some awesome snapshots of your party!

Sparkling Pool and Dazzling Trees

Empty your swimming pool and border its bottom with glow sticks in any fashion you want. Fill the pool with water again. At nighttime, the pool will sparkle in a fun way delighting all the guests and everyone will enjoy a night swim. The water being cold, the glow sticks will keep on glowing for a longer time, giving a soft light, just enough to keep the pool glowing. In the same way, you can make the trees in your garden dazzle with glow sticks. You can decorate the trees any way you want. You can either wrap their trunks with glowing ropes or you can hang mini glow sticks on their branches. The trees lining the avenue in your garden illuminated in this way will make your guests enthralled and create a romantic atmosphere in your party. Small plants, bushes and climbers too can be decorated in this way. The shining greenery will please everyone’s eyes.

Game Area

You can mark the game areas with glow sticks and add a different charm to the games. Glow sticks will also help in nighttime safety. You can mark any area with them in the party, which will keep the atmosphere in the party clear and risk-free, in addition to pleasant.

You can find out many such ideas of decoration with glow sticks. They form an easy and economical way of decoration.

Fairy Glow Jars

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    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 5 years ago from sunny Florida

      This is way cool. What fun these little touches will add to a party. I have used the sticks for numerous things but not in some of the ways suggested her. I am getting our next party : GLOWING...

      thanks for sharing..voted up and useful