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Get a Free Letter from Santa from the North Pole

Updated on November 29, 2012
Nap time with Santa!
Nap time with Santa! | Source

Santa Wrote Me a Letter!

Who doesn’t want a personalized letter from Santa? Sure, you can buy one, or you can “make” one online that allows you to change one or two lines, but why not make your own – from scratch? And, to put the cherry on top, why not get it postmarked at the North Pole? Not possible, you say? Too difficult, you think? Not at all!

Here are easy instructions for writing a letter from Santa and getting it postmarked by the North Pole. All it will cost is paper, your time, two envelopes, and two stamps. Just make sure to do it early! The North Pole postmarks must generally be stamped before the 10th of December!

First, compose your letter.

Not sure what to write?

Include these things:

  • The child’s name
  • A reference to something in the child’s life (dog, cat, goldfish, favorite sport, etc)
  • Something the child is doing well (school work, homework, chores, etc)
  • Something the child can improve (school work, homework, chores, etc)
  • A present that the child wants
  • A normal holiday activity or tradition in your home (going to Christmas Mass, leaving out milk and cookies, wrapping presents for relatives)

Once you’ve gotten that list, you’re ready to write. Here’s a sample, written to my son:

Dear Simon,

I hope you’ve been enjoying playing on your swing set! You’ve been a wonderful student this year, but I would like to see you get along a little better with your sister.

I know you’ve been hoping for that bike this year; keep an eye out under the tree! You might just happen to find one there if I see those tasty chocolate chip cookies waiting for me.

Merry Christmas!



Not too hard, right?

Second, decide if you’re going to use Christmas stationary or clip-art.

You can find free clip-art online at multiple locations, use clip art that comes with your word processing program (Microsoft Word has quite a bit!), or pick up some stationary.

Personally, I use stationary. I either purchase it in the days after Christmas when it’s on sale or wait until I have a coupon from a craft store. Hobby Lobby, a craft store in the Houston area and other parts of the U.S., tends to have holiday items on sale for up to 50% off leading up to the holidays, and Michaels, a nation-wide craft store chain, tends to offer 40% coupons that you can print out from their website. I am normally able to get a 25 pack of holiday paper for under $2.

Set up the letter, and print it out.

Third, get it mailed!

Put the letter into an envelope with the return address of “Santa, North Pole” and make sure to use a first-class mail stamp on the envelope. Address the envelope to your child. Put the envelope into a larger envelope with the appropriate amount of postage, and mail it to:

North Pole Postmark
4141 Postmark Dr
Anchorage, AK 99530-9998

You must mail the letter to the postmaster before the 10th of December. This day may change on certain years, but you can check the USPS website for details on the last date each year.

Sending a letter to Santa is one thing, but getting one back – and getting one with a North Pole postmark! – is something completely different. Kids only believe in Santa for so long, so take advantage of the fun surprise as much as you can before that time is over.

Ralphie Visits Santa - Wouldn't he have preferred a letter?

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