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How To Get Your Groom-To-Be to a Bridal Show!

Updated on December 10, 2015
Is this YOU?
Is this YOU?

Reluctant Grooms and Bridal Shows: In General.

You'd like your groom-to-be to attend at least one bridal show/event, even if he's throwing tantrums at the very thought of it. So here's an easy guide to entice your reluctant fiancé to attend a wedding event, show or expo with you, happily!

Get Your Groom To Go To The Bridal Show/Event, Happily!

* Appeal to his "practical" side: If you're paying for your own wedding, remind him it's his hard-earned dollars that are on the line and you need his input. In fact, he needs to be a part of the wedding-planning process. After all, who needs to hear on their wedding day, "YOU hired that D.J. for our reception? You've got to be kidding!"

* Appeal to his "technical" side: Men are interested in wedding vendors that use technology to provide their wedding goods and services, for example, photographers and videographers, also bands and D.J.s. Visit these vendors first. Get him involved!

* Don't take the "hens": Don't expect your groom-to-be to tag along if your mom, maid of honor, and bridal party are in the mix. Stay focused on him and make the bridal expo/show enjoyable for you both.

* Avoid "girly" stuff: The last thing a future groom wants to see at a bridal show is lingerie, invitations and favors. (Visit these bridal vendors later, on your own time.)

The Way to His Heart Is Through His Feet... Huh??

Keep your fiancé comfortable! Nothing can make a man more miserable at a bridal show/expo than if he's too warm or his feet hurt. Make sure he's in a short-sleeved shirt and has comfortable shoes on his feet-and take along the bottled water.

Deb's Advice...

* Research available bridal shows/expos online before attending. Make sure the vendors/venues that will interest him are appearing at the show.

* Make a list of what you need to accomplish at the wedding show/event and discuss it with your fiancé ahead of time so that he knows what to expect.

* To avoid standing in long lines to gain entrance to a bridal show/event, which will no doubt aggravate your groom-to-be, register and pay for tickets online ahead of time. (It will also save you money.)


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