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Getting Innovative with Animal Themes for Baby Showers

Updated on May 31, 2012
Baby Shower Themes
Baby Shower Themes | Source

Animals are an easy selection when it comes to themes for baby showers. If you know that mother-to-be is an animal lover, she will certainly be glad that you remembered this when you were selecting a theme. The following ideas can help in getting your creative juices started.

Safari Theme
Safari type animals like giraffes, lions, zebras, and elephants make terrific baby shower party themes. You should not have much of a challenge locating decorations and tableware for this sort of theme at party supply retailers or on-line. This is an especially great theme to go with if the nursery for the baby will be safari animals or if it is a jungle theme. Plastic safari animals make straightforward and enjoyable cake toppers. If you desire them to double as toys for the newborn, find ones that are made of softer materials and larger than tiny toy figurines. To make your own custom invitations, try to find jungle or safari based paper at a store that offers scrapbooking supplies. Simply print the party information on the paper and you have your own custom-made invitations.

Teddy Bears
Teddy bears are always a cute and cuddly theme. With this theme you should have no difficulty getting decorations. Stuffed teddy bears work perfectly for table decorations and you could have them "sitting" all over the gathering space. You may be able to locate them cheaply in discount or dollar type stores. If you are throwing the celebration close to or immediately after Valentine’s Day, there should be an abundance of vibrantly colored bears for you to pick from at area stores. You can even make use of one as a cake topper if you lay a bit of plastic or plastic wrap beneath it before setting it on the cake. You can build a teddy bear stencil and cut out pieces of paper shaped like a teddy bear to use as invitations. There are jars shaped like teddy bears which you can place mints or candy in for the favor for the shower.

Puppy Theme
Puppies as a baby shower theme works best if you know that the baby is a boy. Consider utilizing the children’s nursery rhyme which goes “Snips and snails, and puppy dog tails, That's what little boys are made of.” This works nicely for the invite and on decorations in the party area. Stuffed puppies and toy bones make terrific decorations. You should be able to get a dog or puppy shaped cake pan at a craft or party supply store. A puppy shaped cookie makes a terrific party favor. A game you can play for this theme is to have guests write down the names of famous dogs or puppies.

Farm Animal Theme
Baby shower party themes which center around farm animals are also fun. If either one of the parents-to-be were raised on a farm, this might be an especially enjoyable theme and a way to reminisce. A terrific idea for the cake is to make farm animals on it or a barn on it with animals all around it. You can check your guests farm animal awareness by doing an activity where the guests must list the baby farm animal name. For example, on the piece of paper you hand your guests have horse, cow and sheep. Your guests have to list the right baby name for each one: foal, calf, and lamb. So that it is not too easy, you might need to put down farm animals which are fairly unusual.


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