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Ghost Stories and Ghost Videos To Enjoy

Updated on August 9, 2013

Halloween Wallpapers , Just Click The Photos For The Full Size Wallpaper Photos

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Halloween Wallpapers , Just Click The Photos For The Full Size Wallpaper Photos
Halloween Wallpapers , Just Click The Photos For The Full Size Wallpaper Photos
Halloween Wallpapers , Just Click The Photos For The Full Size Wallpaper Photos

The Clock On The Mantle

A man and woman moved into a house in the Mt Vernon area of Rutherford County N.C. around 1960. When they moved into the house their was a nice large wind up clock up on the mantle in the living room. They wondered why the clock was there but the man who rented them the house said the clock had always been there and after all it was a nice clock and kept perfect time.

Now that was not really strange but what happened next was. Every night when the couple would go to bed it would sound like some one was working on the clock and winding it up. They would turn the light on and the sound would stop. They would go back to bed and the sound would start up again. It really bothered the man more than the woman and so one night he got up the first time he heard the noise that night and carried the clock out to the barn and put it in one of the rooms there. About 4 am the couple was awoken again to the same noise of someone working on the clock and winding it.

At first they assumed someone brought the clock back into the house so the man carried it back to the barn and made double sure he locked the door. About daylight the couple woke up and heard someone winding the clock. Yes it was right back on the mantle. The couple got up that morning and moved out of the house.

Over the years other people would be run out of the house by the strange clock. Finally in 1976 a family moved into the house and when the troubles with the clock started the husband took the clock into the yard and burned it. His brother was there and saw him burn the clock. Later that night the man woke up and the house was on fire. He was able to jump thru a window and escape but his wife and three children burned up alive in the house. The man who had burned the clock had to be taken a few hours later to Broughton Mental Hospital where he died a few years later screaming that the clock was after him.

It is said that on rainy nights the glow of the burning house where the clock was before it was burned will light up the sky and people will go to see what is on fire but when they get to the now empty field there is no fire. Many people claim they hear the loud bells of a clock coming from the field where the house used to stand.

Short Ghostly Story

My Grandmaw told this for the truth! My Grandmother was a child, in the 1920s. She said they used to see a lot more odd things because people walked nearly everywhere. One of the odd things she remembered was watching swamp gas travel through the woods behind their house. Not having much in the way of entertainment, they would sit on the porch drinking tea and watch for the glowing balls of gas. One evening they were excited to see one floating through the woods. This one followed a ditch out of the woods and went under their neighbors house. They were stunned ! Even more exciting, another popped up and done the exact same thing ! Later in the night they heard horses running down the road. It was the doctor going to the neighbors house. The expecting mother there had stillborn twins that night. Butch Walters

Here's A Great Ghost Story

About twenty-five years ago I was living in Johannesburg, South Africa, during the apartheid area. At that time I had rented three small connecting offices in the Grey’s Building, which is just opposite the downtown Carlton Shopping Center.

During my mid-day lunch break I used to read the afternoon copy of the Johannesburg Star as I ate my lunch at my desk. However, on that particular day as I was having my lunch I had a feeling that someone or something was in the office to my left. My own office was in the middle of the three and to enter the other offices you had to go through mine first. However, as the feeling of an intruder persisted I finally put down my sandwich and walked to the door of the office on my left. I thought that maybe a cat or something had somehow sneaked in and that was what I was thinking as I opened the office door.

But it wasn’t a cat in there – it was a ghost. As I stepped inside the room there was the apparition of a middle aged black man. He had close- cropped gray hair but was slightly bald at the front. He was wearing an off- white-stripped shirt without a collar and he had on a rough serge jacket and trousers - and he was staring right at me. As I took this all in I could see that there was nothing at all below his knees, and indeed I could see straight through him. It was just as though I was looking at the clear negative of a photograph.

I wasn’t scared, just shocked, as I think anyone would be. Whatever, on seeing what I had, I slowly backed away and out of the room, closing the door gently behind me. But then I thought that maybe I should try to communicate with the man somehow and so I slowly opened the door again intending to do so, but the apparition had already vanished.

The following morning I had occasion to talk with the lady who managed the building and without mentioning anything about the day before I casually asked her about the history of the building? She said that at one time, not long before, the Grey’s building had been used by the infamous South African secret police. And that during their occupation of the building many men who were being interrogated and held there as prisoners were taken up onto the roof in handcuffs and thrown off the roofs to their deaths, which were later described as ‘suicides’. So I could only assume that the man I had seen had been one of the unfortunate victims.

I never saw the ghost again, unfortunately, but about three months afterwards I was working late in my office, the time would be about 9 p.m. I guess. Whatever, right behind my desk was a large picture window and as I sat there writing there came a sudden very loud crash from right behind me. It was as though someone had picked up a metal chair and hurled it forcibly through the picture window! As you can imagine I jumped up from my desk in shock and horror wondering what the hell was going on! But so far as I could see nothing was, so I went into the other two offices to see if any windows inside them were broken – but none were? So leaving my offices and going to the entrance security guard I asked him who else was working late in the building, but he told me that nobody else was and that I was the only person inside, apart from himself. So I informed him of the loud crashing sound I had heard and asked him to investigate, just in case there had been a break in of sorts?

However, the guard checked out every other office in the entire building – and found no damage anywhere at all, so I had no explanation for what happened that evening?

Nothing else ever happened to me while I was in the Grey’s building, and I left it a few months later. But I still remember those incidents all this time later. And I still curse myself for backing away out of that office and the ghost inside it.

Best Regards, Dr Les Dove.

Have You Ever Heard Of Ed Gein

Ed Gein , The Human Cannibal Serial Killer
Ed Gein , The Human Cannibal Serial Killer
Ed Geins House
Ed Geins House

Have You Ever Heard Of Ed Gein

Ed Gein was the inspiration for Hannibal the Cannibal , Buffalo Bill , Psycho and all the other fiction serial killers. Ed Gein did all the horrible nasty things the movie and tv serial killers would later do and then some. He was captured alive with a woman dressed like a deer in his garage and lived the rest of his life in a Wisconsin Mental Hospital. We have all the story for you and all the videos. Just click the below link.

Click Here For All Of Ed Geins Story and Videos.

Soldiers on horseback are said to be seen near the battle grounds of this park.

Soldiers on horseback are said to be seen near the battle grounds of this park.
Soldiers on horseback are said to be seen near the battle grounds of this park.

The park in question is the Kings Mountain National Battle Ground near Kings Mountain North Carolina. It was here where the British Colonel and his men were defeated and Colonel Ferguson killed. He is buried up on the mountain at Kings Mountain NC.

Over the years the Park Rangers have had people ask them about the Revolutionary Soldiers on horseback riding around the park. Many people assume that a movie is being made because the men appear so realistic. However if you approach the men riding the horses the men on horseback vanish and sometimes reappear a few minutes or few hours later in the same area. A Ranger who asked not to be identified said that it happens so often that for the most part it is now ignored.

People living in the area often tell of strange lights moving about the mountain at night. These lights have been reported for 150 plus years.

Biltmore House Asheville N.C.

The Ghosts Of Biltmore House

In 1914, George Vanderbilt died from complications from surgery. He died screaming and in pain. His wife was said to be mad by her servant’s as she would sit in the houses library and talk out loud to George Vanderbilt long after his death.

Over the years many things have happened at the Biltmore House. If you stray from the tour as you are going thru the house an upset lady will sometimes appear out of nowhere and ask you what you are doing in her house. Many people later realize it is Mrs Vanderbilt whose portrait is in a bedroom open to the tour. Some people hear a mans screams come from above their heads. Wet footprints are often found in the indoor pool area even though there has not been water in the pool in many years.

Some people see a small black dog and report seeing it to tour staff. No dog is ever found. From descriptions it appears the dog is Midget that was George Vanderbilt's dog and it died several years before him. People will see the dog running down the steps often and it will vanish when it gets to the bottom of the steps. A ghostly floating figure that appears to be an old black woman is often seen floating around the Greenhouse.

Do You Want More Great Ghost Videos

Come on you know you do. Want more great Ghost Videos and we have a really great collection for you on another page right now. Just click the below link for more great ghost videos and stories.

Click Here For More Ghost Videos and Stories Now

Ghost Story By Virginia Walker Over the years Virginia Walker has told the story of the Ghost Lady that appeared to her when she was 12 years old at the old Carver Plantation House on Pearidge Road in Rutherford County N.C.

Brown Mountain Lights

As mountains go, low lying Brown Mountain in Burke County N.C. is not at all impressive. Yet it is one of the most famous or infamous mountains in North Carolina. On certain evenings soon after dark, when observed from the direction of Linville or Wiseman's Gap, small but brilliant lights can be seen on it, bobbing up and down for a minute or so, then disappearing, then reappearing in another place until finally they are gone. They were first seen about 1850 long before the day of trains and electricity and automobiles. So none of these things can explain the lights. They are not car lights.

The Lover's Legend Of The Brown Mountain Lights

One story tells of a young girl who lived on the mountain with her father. Every night her boyfriend came from the near by town to see her. On the night when he was to take her away to be married, she lite a pine knot torch and went out to meet him. But he never came. But from then on, just after dark, she would raise her flaming pine knot torch and dart from here to there on the mountain, hoping to find him at last. Even after her death the light of her pine knot torch still could be seen on dark stormy nights. It is this girl that some local people claim is the source of the lights. They claim it is her ghost up on the mountain still hunting for her young lover.

Another Legend Of The Brown Mountain Lights

Another legend concerns a very wicked man named George, whose sweet young wife Tilly was to have a child. George was courting Sandy who lived on the other side of the mountain and George began to speak harsh words and be cruel to his wife Tilly. One day neighbors noticed that they had not seen Tilly for some while. George said she had gone to visit her family, but the neighbors were suspicious when they discovered bloodstains on the floor of George's mountain cabin. Their suspicions were further heightened when a very scared looking stranger drove away with George's horse and buggy that Tilly's Family had given to the young couple when they were married.

They believed the stranger had helped George murder and do away with George's Wife Tilly, and George was paying him off by giving him the horse and buggy. Soon afterward the lights appeared, bobbing up and down, seemingly to guide searchers looking for Tilly. Finally, under a pile of stones in a deep ravine they found the skulls of a woman and a baby. George fled the county to stay ahead of the hangman and was never heard of again, but the lights stayed on.

How The Cherokee Indians Explained The Brown Mountain Lights

Very early people in the area of Brown Mountain told a story that they say had been passed down from the Cherokee Indians. The Indians claimed that the mountain the White Man called Brown Mountain was sacred to the Cherokee and that it is the spirit of long dead indians that people are seeing when they see the Brown Mountain Lights.

No Scientific Explanation For The Brown Mountain Lights.

Many times over the years scientists have traveled to the area to explain the lights but so far they have not been able to. The lights have been seen in the area since 1850 or before. This was way before cars or airplanes and the brown mountain lights continue to be seen.

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