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How to Make Giant Cookie Birthday Cakes

Updated on April 10, 2013
Sugar House Cookies and Cakes
Sugar House Cookies and Cakes

Things are always better when they are Bigger

Have fun at your next Birthday Party and instead of a cake - make a Giant Cookie Birthday Cake. Not only are they easy to do - kids love to eat cookies. You do not always have to have the normal type Birthday Cake at a party, sometimes it is fun to change things up a bit. With some ideas you will find here maybe you will be inspired to do just that.

The Fun Part - you can decide what flavor cookie you want to make it - whether it be a Big Chocolate Chip Cookie (my favorite), Peanut Butter, Sugar - they are all yummy. Why not make one of each? Honestly making one big cookie is much faster than making batches of them. You make your batter and spread it on one big pan - bake, decorate and you are done. It is that easy to do. Of course you can always cheat too and buy the refrigerated cookie rolls - that is ok no one will know. So making more than one will take no time at all. You can also do a Giant Brownie Cake the same way - mmmmm.

I am going to show you some recipes and photos of Giant Cookie Birthday Cakes that will give you some ideas and inspiration for creating and decorating your own. Remember they are not just for Birthdays either - you can make these for any occasion or just for fun.

Photo Courtesy: Sugar House Cookie and Cakes

Shaping your Giant Cookie

Obviously you can purchase Giant Cookie Pans, but it is really not necessary. You can use any pan you may already have in the house. Pizza Pans work great and no one said your cookie has to be round in shape - make a Giant Square or Rectangle Cookie using your Cookie Sheets. Want a special shape - they use any shaped cake pan to get that shape using your cookie dough. Again as I always say the limit is really your imagination. Have fun with it!!!

Disappearing Birthday Cookie

Decorating your Giant Cookie Cake

This is the fun part and you can decorate your Giant Cookie Birthday Cake any way you want. You can add frosting, candies, writing, sprinkles - there is no limit here. See the photos below for some inspiration on what others have done. You can make your Giant Cookie match any party theme - get creative and have fun with it!!!

NOTE: If you are making a Pizza Cookie - see if your local Pizza Place will give or sell you a box to put it in.

Giant Cookie Cake Photos for Inpiration and Ideas

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Betty Crocker
Betty Crocker
Betty Crocker
Betty Crocker

How about a Giant Sandwich Cookie?

I had to share this one here - This Giant Sandwich Cookie is another great idea. I am a HUGE Oreo Cookie Fan and this is exactly what this looks like. Of course you can make any type you want, but you will need the special Sandwich Cookie Cake Pan which is available through Williams and Sonoma. Could you imagine the guests faces if your brought this to the table. Hey you can even have a variety of Cookie Cakes at the party - that would be SWEET.

C is for Cookie and G is for Giant - Yum

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Huge Chocolate Covered Rice Krispy Treats

I figured while I was talking about all the Sweet Yummy Treats that are Giant I would tell you about these great Chocolate Covered Rice Krispy Treats that are available on my website; The Party Animal. These treats make the perfect party favor to send home with the kids. Each treat weighs in at about 4-5 ounces and come individually wrapped and on a stick. Each one is handmade fresh to order. Did I mention how delicious they were? They are so big that even I could not finish one entirely in one sitting.

There are so many design choices from all the kids Favorite Characters, Animals, Seasonal Designs, Baby Shower, Just for Girls and Boys and many more.

All you do is stick some ribbon to each with a Thank You Tag attached and you have a party favor the guests will love. Beats a bag of candy and useless toys any day.

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      nagu01 6 years ago

      This looks so good! I'm going to try it.

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      Sandy Mertens 8 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      Love the cookie cakes.