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Giant Cupcake Birthday Cake Ideas

Updated on April 10, 2013

Could a Cupcake get any better?

Now I love Cupcakes at Birthday Parties, but have you seen the Giant Cupcakes? I do not think a cupcake can get any better than that. Now obviously your Giant Cupcake would not be made for each guest, although I would be ok with that, it would be used as your Birthday Cake.

Your guests eyes will definitely light up when they see a Giant Cupcake being brought to the table. You can have so much fun creating your cupcake for the party and I am going to show you some great ideas, photos for inspiration and more right here.

So lets go see what you can create - I know it will be something BIG and Yummy.

The Photo above was taken by one of my customer's at their party - Look at the kids faces they are PRICELESS.

Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan

How to make a Giant Cupcake

To make a Giant Cupcake you will need a special cupcake pan. There is a nice variety to choose from and they are available in both Silicone and also your Non Stick Variety.

Now Giant Cupcake Molds will also have a top and a bottom so you can create that nice big round cupcake top and provide you with that much needed height.

So once you bake your cupcake and remove it from the mold you get to frost and decorate any way you like. It is that easy to do. Oh and don't forget the cherry on top.

Being there are many ways you can decorate your Giant Cupcake that is where the photos below come in - they will inspire you and your design. So have fun get ideas and the use some of your own creativity to put it all together.

Big Top Cupcakes

Giant Cupcake Birthday Cake Photos for Inpiration and Ideas

Click thumbnail to view full-size

1st or 2nd Birthday Cupcake Party Supplies

Your little cupcake is turning one or two - how adorable would a Cupcake Party Theme be? There are fun festive 1st and 2nd Birthday Party Supplies available in both Girl and Boy colors - Pink and Blue. They feature of course - Cupcakes. To go along with these party supplies - A Giant Cupcake Birthday Cake you will create for them!!! Now that is a party.

Remember you can purchase all the items in the kits separately if you want to mix and match them with solid colors. Birthday Express has a HUGE line of Cupcake Party Supplies - Click Here to see all the fun Cupcake related items available.

More Cupcake Party Supplies

World's Biggest Cupcake

The Guinness World Records declared the new Largest Cupcake on August 15th 2009 in Detroit, MI. Imagine this a cupcake that has 1000 Eggs with 200 Pounds of Sugar, Butter and Flour and weighed in at 1.224 Pounds. Now that is a Giant Cupcake. But wait if you ate this entire cupcake you would be taking in 2,000,000 Calories!!! This Cupcake was 4 Feet Tall by 10 Feet Wide.

Read all about it : Here

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    • profile image

      Ruby Hurley 6 years ago

      Brill cakes I might just have one for my birthday

      I like the bumble bee one and the one big one with all the little ones around it

    • profile image

      Ken loops  6 years ago

      Wow i am making one !!

    • ThePartyAnimal profile image

      ThePartyAnimal 8 years ago

      @GPAGE Thanks so much - Aren't they great? So easy to make too. It is not hard to do something different - some of us just don't think about it.

    • GPAGE profile image

      GPAGE 8 years ago from California

      WOW! What a great idea! I will surely do this for my little girls birthday next year.....I love this hub. Best, GPAGE

    • ThePartyAnimal profile image

      ThePartyAnimal 8 years ago

      @Lynett Send me the photo and I will add it here

    • Lynett profile image

      Lynett 8 years ago from USA

      How cute! We did a giant cupcake cake for my niece's birthday party this spring and it turned out really cute!