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Gift Baskets Work for Any Occasion

Updated on September 28, 2017
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Gift Baskets Are For Anytime

Most people love to receive gift baskets. They can contain a variety of wonderful items all geared towards the likes and interests of the person receiving the basket. Throw in a gift card at their favorite place to shop and make a gift basket the perfect gift.

Gift baskets are wonderful to give or receive any time of the year and for most any occasion but especially during the holiday season which seems to be rapidly approaching. Now would be a great time to get started planning your gift list and any gift baskets that are on your list. Writing down your ideas and getting your supplies bought will be early start.

Variety Gift Basket

Wines and cheese make a lovely gift basket for the wine lover
Wines and cheese make a lovely gift basket for the wine lover | Source

Basic Gift Basket Requirements

Gift baskets make great gifts for your friends, family and co-workers. When you choose to make and give a gift basket, you are not only creating a work of art, you are giving a gift from your heart.

Gift baskets are easy to assemble with a little planning and organizing. First, you will want to pick a theme to work with. After that you will need to gather your supplies and the items you are going to be using in the gift baskets.

Supplies you will need to start:

  1. Baskets can be anything that will hold your items. This can be big plastic or glass mixing bowls, wooden boxes, sturdy plastic boxes or even small laundry baskets. Small coffee cups or large soup bowls make great containers for homemade candy gifts.
  2. You will need cellophane to wrap the entire basket in
  3. Bows, or pretty ribbons
  4. Wrapping paper if you are using including any breakable items or wish to wrap some items individually
  5. Shred or tissue paper to fill spaces
  6. The items you are going to fill the basket with

Baskets Hunting

There are many places to find good sturdy cheap baskets. You can often find good, sturdy, clean but cheap baskets at local yard sales, thrift shops such as Goodwill, or flea markets. Check out the dollar stores as they should have a good selection of cheap bowls and plastic containers. Check with friends and neighbors to see if they have anything that they are wanting to get rid of that would be of use to you.

Fruit As A Gift Basket

Beautifully arranged fruit basket
Beautifully arranged fruit basket | Source

Basket Themes and Ideas

You will want to pick a theme for your gift basket. Gift Baskets can be given for many occasions such as holidays, birthdays, weddings, bridal showers or baby showers. So you will want to make your basket fit the occasion. Here are some gift basket ideas and suggestions.

  1. Fruit baskets are always popular during the holiday season and are easy to assemble. Just buy several types of fresh fruit and arrange in a nice pattern. You may want to place the larger items on the bottom so the smaller items are higher and visible.
  2. Wedding or bridal shower baskets can be fun and interesting to put together. A great idea is to make a wine basket which might include the couple's favorite wine or champagne along with a wine cork, and two champagne glasses, some cheese, chocolates, and some scented candles. If your budget permits you can also include a gift card.
  3. With birthday baskets, you want to take into consideration the person's age, likes and dislikes. For small children you can put in crayons, coloring books, small toys or a small stuffed animal and candies. Top it off with a balloon. For an older person, you might make a wine basket, which could include wine, cheeses, variety of ready to eat meats, and candy. Top it off with some flowers for a female and a card for a male.
  4. Baby showers baskets can be filled with many items the new mom is sure to appreciate. Include things like baby powder, baby wipes, bibs, baby lotion, baby oil , pacifier and a small stuffed animal. Add a big bow to the top and attach a rattle.
  5. Smell good baskets are those that you can make and add perfumes, bathing oils or gels. Add some pretty scented soaps, candles and you have a good smelling basket.
  6. Valentine baskets can be filled with lots of good tasting chocolates and wine or champagne

Putting The Basket Together

After choosing the theme, the basket and the items for in it, then it is time to put it all together. If you have any items you want to wrap separately, do that first. Especially wrap anything that is breakable to protect those items from breakage. Then begin arranging the items in the basket. If you are using a deep container, you might want to use some fill, or tissue paper on the bottom to make the items high enough to be seen. Then place the items in the basket while placing shredded fill around the items. Finally, cut your cellophane so that it is large enough to cover the entire basket with enough left at the top to attach a nice colorful, large bow or ribbons as well as a card.

Your basket is now ready to be given as a beautiful gift.


House Plant Gift Basket

Perfect gift for someone who likes houseplants is a gift basket that includes everything to start a houseplant
Perfect gift for someone who likes houseplants is a gift basket that includes everything to start a houseplant | Source

How To Make And Package A Gift Basket

What Are Your Thoughts On Giving A Gift Basket

Have You Ever Given A Gift Basket As Your Gift

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    • L.M. Hosler profile image

      L.M. Hosler 4 years ago

      I agree. Some wine and chocolates and if it is a serious relationship, some jewelry. Very romantic. Thanks for the comment.

    • Writer Fox profile image

      Writer Fox 4 years ago from the wadi near the little river

      Valentine's Day is the perfect time for one of these gift baskets!

    • L.M. Hosler profile image

      L.M. Hosler 4 years ago

      WiccanSage Thank you for the nice comment. I think I will be doing more gift baskets in the future. I am also thinking I might make some money making gift baskets in my area.

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 4 years ago

      Nice, and very creative! You have some great ideas. I love making gift baskets for people, it's always such a fun way to present a gift. Nice work here.

    • L.M. Hosler profile image

      L.M. Hosler 4 years ago

      Thanks for commenting MsDora. This article started out as something else but as I read about making gift baskets it became an article on its own. Anyway, I saw an awful lot of creative baskets, so I will be using my own ideas and giving lots of baskets.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thank you for sharing this creative idea. You make it seem so simple and I'm sure that it could be a great blessing to the receiver.