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Gift Giving Trends

Updated on January 6, 2013

Personalize your Gifts

The latest trends in the world of corporate and personal gift giving are meaningful quality gifts and equally important is to personalize each gift to its recipients.

The Personalizing of gifts can apply to anyone from the top executives to the front line staff. People are looking to purchase higher quality gifts and not spend as much money, yet making sure the gifts are more personal to the recipients. This trend has moved corporations away from the promotional items they used to buy in bulk where everyone received the same or similar items without any personal thought being placed into it. These Promotional Items and bulk gifts work for inexpensive marketing and promotions, where the gifts are not compared between the recipients.

Its the Thought That Counts

In the 1990’s the trend was the more extravagant the better. Today that does not hold true and is often frowned upon. The current trend is to give a gift that is emotionally extravagant without being financially so. It should not be about the cost of the gift, but the thought that goes into it. Look at the gift through the recipients eyes, how would you feel getting this gift? Is this gift something they will enjoy? Does it have a personal touch? Does it feel that thought was put into it? An example would be sending a beautiful wine gift basket to someone who enjoys wine, but it would not be as well received by a recipient who does not drink wine or drink alcohol, a delicious fruit basket may be more to their liking.

Gift giving is most effective when the giver is familiar with the recipient. Regardless of the budget when choosing a gift with the individual recipient in mind, if done correctly an inexpensive gift can give the same or more joy than a more expensive gift would give. If you know the gift recipient enjoys travel or will be vacationing to a particular destination give them a gift that pertains to that destination or would be useful to them while they are there.

When giving a gift, consider the message you want it to convey. Is it a gift to say thank you for your assistance or hard work? Is it a gift to keep your company in the thoughts of your clients? A gift for a client to keep your company in their thoughts can be a smaller gift because you will be giving them on a more frequent basis, where as a thank you gift for the most part is a one-time gift and can and should be larger.

Regardless of the gifts you give, it is truly the thought that counts.


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