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Gift Giving to Orphanage

Updated on January 18, 2015

Orphanage: Face The Children

Thank God the gift giving last Dec 21, 2013 has a part 2. Thank you also to my friends who gave sponsorship items.

Batch 1 Dec 21, 2013
Mrs.Acupinpin for the clothes
Mrs. Carino for the coloring books and toys
Mrs. Leano for the games prizes

Batch 2. Jan 4, 2014
Philippine Bible Society for the 40 Bibles, 40 Psalms booklets, 40 Proverbs booklets
Mrs. Mercado for the cash for toiletries
Mrs. Leano and Mrs. Acupinpin for the School Supplies and clothes
Enchanted Kingdom for the 10 complimentary tickets

Thank you to my 2 friends, who helped me lift and shop items for the orphanage in San Pablo Laguna.

We also gave 2 boxes of pizza for the staff.

If you want to donate or give to Face the Children please see the website above.
To request for free Bibles and Christian reading materials. Please email Philippine Bible Society The Bibles and materials are for free but I gave a delivery fee because I was not able to pick it up at their office.


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