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Gift Ideas for Second Wedding Anniversary-Cotton & China

Updated on February 14, 2014

2nd Traditional Wedding Anniversary gifts

Cotton Candy for the sweet tooths
Cotton Candy for the sweet tooths | Source
Traditional cotton artwork wall hanging
Traditional cotton artwork wall hanging | Source

Classic Cotton

Here are a few fun gift ideas with cotton. This is the traditional choice for the 2nd Wedding Anniversary but it need not be boring. Think beyond cotton T towels and T shirts. How about?

  • Cotton Candy (Fairy Floss)
  • A store voucher from Cotton On
  • have beautiful gift ideas for the bedroom
  • Some beautiful artwork from Brent Cotton
  • A copy of the song 'Cotton Fields" this has been done by a few artists including Credence, The Beach Boys and Bessie Brown. Or 'Cotton Eyed Joe' from the movie 'Urban Cowboy'

If you decide the recipient/s would prefer a more practical gift

  • Cotton tablecloth with matching napkins
  • Lingerie and underwear
  • A pair ( or two pairs) of monogrammed cotton sox

Modern China Gifts for Second Anniversary

Fine China tea set
Fine China tea set | Source
yin-yang symbol artwork
yin-yang symbol artwork | Source

Modern China

There are so many gift items to choose made of china, there is of course dinner sets and figurines or beautiful tea pots and cups and saucers than many people collect, however these can be expensive. The first thing that sprang to my mind about china was the song 'Little China Girl' by David Bowie and you could purchase a copy quite cheaply or even consider looking for it on vinyl. But here are a few more ideas,

  • A china doll
  • Dinner at a Chinese Restaurant
  • Host a dinner party with a China theme
  • Painted paper fan from China
  • Chinese porcelain spoon set
  • Chinese Foo Dog or Dragon figurine
  • Coffee table book about China
  • Symbol of Yin Yang as a framed print
  • Chinese Lanterns
  • A china piggy bank
  • Chopsticks
  • A game of Chinese Checkers

These ideas should inspire your own imagination. Don't forget to share any ideas in my comment box.


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