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Gift Ideas For Men: A Guide To Shopping

Updated on February 4, 2012

Ever get stuck buying a gifts for your man and unsure of what he like? Here are several gift ideas that he will surely love:


XBOX 360, PS 3, Wii

If he is a gamers than he will definitely love to own a Xbox360,PS3, Wii. Games that are popular with guys are usually shoot game: Halo, Call Of Duty…etc



You can not go wrong with watches. A watch can be given as a gift for any occasions and any man would love it.



What man does not love a brand new flat screen TV. If you really want to impress him, surprise him with one.


Poker Set

Buy him a poker set and he will thank you for life. A poker set allows him to relax and enjoy the company of his friends which mean you have time on your own. It also allow him to host events with entertainment.


Power Tools

Is your man a handy person? Even if he is not, he will still love to get new toys. A power tools just scream the words "I am manly" and he will surely love you for think of this about him. Even if he is not a handy person, he can always learn!



Unsure of what he already has? Buy him a wallet. Every man can use a brand new wallet. It is one of those gift that can never get old and a new one is always appreciated.


Pool Table

Okay, what man does not love the game of billiard? If you got the cash and the room, buy him a pool table. Beside keeping him happy, you can host events in your home and show it off. It provides entertainments for the whole family, not just him. Do not forget to buy the accessories for the table as well: billiard balls, cue sticks, rack...etc


These are just sample ideas for what he might like. Probably anything electronic he would love. Beside these items, think of what his hobby are and the gift ideas will be easy to figure out. If he likes to work out, buy him a dumbbell set. If he likes fishing, buy him a new fishing rods.


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