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Gift Ideas For Those Who Are Hard To Buy For

Updated on October 4, 2014

When you a buy gift for someone, you want them to be able to use it and hopefully appreciate it. Sometimes people are just hard to get gifts for because they are either picky or maybe they have so many things that you can not figure out what to get them. Here are some ideas for gifts that you can give to that person.

Gift Cards

Some people do not like giving gift cards because they feel it is too impersonal or that this type of gift does not require much thought. I think gift cards are a good idea and I personally like to receive them because it allows me to buy what I want at a specific store that I am shopping at. Even if I receive a gift card to a store that I do not visit, I can always try to sell the gift card online. Gift cards may make it easier for someone to shop at a particular store if they could not afford to otherwise. There are so many different gift card options to choose from, such as gift cards to restaurants, movies, retail stores and supermarkets. If the recipient has a favorite restaurant that they frequently go to, then you may want to call the restaurant or check online to see if they have gift cards available.

Make A Scrapbook

If you are close with this person and have a lot of photographs of the two of you together, you could make them a scrapbook of all of the memories that you have shared with them. You may want to add funny or loving captions in the scrapbook so that you can both share quality time and laughs while looking through it. Buy a plain scrapbook at a gift store, such as Hallmark , or find scrapbook materials at craft stores or online.

Personalized Fill In The Blank Book

Buy a blank journal or a nice book that has blank pages inside. If you are creative and this person means a lot to you, then you can write nice things about them on each page of the book. I did this for a relative one time and she loved it! She has it on display in her living room. People like hearing about themselves and how much people like or appreciate them. Show the person how much they mean to you by writing a sentence or two on each page stating what you like about that person, how thankful you are to them, the memories you have of them and why they are special to you. You can draw or post pictures in the book and use colored pens, pencils or markers to add more color and creativity.

Board Games

If the person you are trying to buy a gift for likes games, then a board game may be a good gift idea. There are many different board games out there, for adults, teenagers and children. Board games provide good entertainment and maybe you will get an invite over to play their new board game with them. There are some pretty neat board games out there that can be bought in stores and online.

Joke Books

Does the person who you are buying a present for like to tell jokes often? Buy them a book filled with funny jokes and sayings so that they can keep their jokes fresh and it will be a good gift to help make them laugh.


If the person you are buying a gift for seems to buy a particular magazine from the store pretty often, then you may want to buy them a subscription to that magazine for a year. Another subscription idea could be purchasing a year of Netflix, for those who like like watching television and movies. There are also yearly video game subscriptions available for those who like playing video games.

Cold Season Items

If the weather is cold where your gift recipient lives, then you may want to buy them a nice scarf or a pair of slippers, a pajama set, robe, blanket and/or gloves.

Vacation or Trip

If this person is someone you would like to spend a lot of money on but are not sure what to buy them, how about putting together a vacation or special trip for them? This might work better for people who you are really close to, like a spouse, since you may have a better idea of where they would want to go and if they are even able to take a vacation because of a job or other obligations.

Concert Tickets

If the person who you are buying for likes a particular music artist or band, you may want to consider purchasing them a pair of concert tickets. The reason I say a pair is that not many people usually like to go to concerts alone so buying two might make it easier for the person to find someone else to go with. If you do not know what this person's schedule is like or whether or not they would really want to see this particular artist or band, then you may want to purchase a gift card from a place that sells concert tickets, such as Ticketmaster.


Sometimes the gift of alcohol can come in handy when you do not know what else to buy for a person. If the person drinks alcohol, then you could buy them a nice bottle of wine, a bottle of spirits, cocktail mixes or even a case of their favorite beer.


Finally, if you are really stumped on what to give as a gift, cash is certainly something that can be used by the recipient. Who doesn't like receiving money? You might want to find a creative way to give it, such as using a money tree or a money maze which are both sold in stores and online. I have even put cash in boxes and wrapped it up like a present.


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