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Gift Ideas - Jewelry for Men

Updated on April 8, 2017

Wonderful Indian Jewelry for Men

Indian jewellery is one of the most wonderful and appealing collection of ornaments which are made of silver, gold, platinum and diamond. Indian jewellery has a very long history which can be traced to the Indus Valley civilization, one of the earliest civilizations of the world. India is the top user and manufacturer of gold jewellery in the world.

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Indian Jewelry for Men as Gift

Indian jewelry has a unique collection of ornaments for men. The kings and the feudal chieftains wore different kind of jewelry with precious stones in the ancient period. Later, it was followed by majority of the men irrespective of social strata to which they belong. The men's jewelry collection of India is renowned for wide varieties and attractive designs. The ornaments for men made in India have the imprint of the area where it is produced and so the variety of designs multiplies to a wonderful collection. Indian Jewelry is a is a product of different cultures that existed for many centuries.

The Indian jewelry designs for men have undergone a tremendous change due to the advent of machines for making ornaments. The hand made ornaments for men are still popular and in great demand in India and abroad. The hand made ornaments are soul stirring due to the unique designs and craftsmanship of the well known skilled jewelery makers.


Jewelery as Investment

Jewelery is not only an ornament, but it is a time tested mode of saving for the future. The price of precious metals are increasing in a very higher rate than that of many other related investment areas. It increases the gain from the ornaments than other mode of investments which fails to compete with it in growth and stability.


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Indian Bracelets

Indian made bracelets for men are available in varied styles and variety of models. Though hand made bracelets are costlier than that of machine made collections, they are the best for presents and thank you gifts as they share the human touch and warmth. The wonderful designs of bracelets for men make Indian jewelry a special gift for men.


Rings are one of the widely used ornaments among Jewelery items. They range from friendship rings to wedding rings. The rings are comparatively cheaper than other jewelery items. They are available in a large number of materials from steel to platinum. Diamond rings are commonly used as wedding rings. Rings made of gold and platinum are bought for daily use. All of these Indian made rings are the best in their class than other international jewelery collections.


Chains are one of the oldest ornaments used by the man from time immemorial. The primitive man used ornaments made of locally available materials. Still, people of tribal areas use chains made of wood, shells and variety of colored stones. A number of jewelery designs are available for men which are prepared in silver,gold, diamond and platinum.

Ear Rings

Ear rings of men also offers wonderful selection with a wide range of designs and of materials used for it. Ear rings are best choice for the young now. Ear ring are also available in stunning and appealing designs with precious stones. Though they are costly, they express the value of love and affection towards beloved ones in a very special way.

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