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Gift Ideas for Coworkers for Christmas

Updated on August 27, 2013

Good Gift Ideas for Coworkers for Christmas

Christmas is coming and your workplace is holding the annual Holiday Party. With Christmas decorations popping up and increasing merry-making spirits, you're reminded that it's time to get Christmas gifts for your coworkers. Perhaps it's just one gift as your office tradition is to play the "Secret Santa". Whether it's many smaller gifts or one bigger gift, you'll have to purchase the gifts and are probably looking for some inexpensive and thoughtful gift ideas.

Last Christmas, my "Secret Santa" gifted me a set of 3 jars of gourmet spreads of different flavors. It's the first time I've received perishable and edible gift from our annual gift exchange. I didn't know how to react at first because like many women, I thought I would receive something I could use on me or around the house rather than something to put in my stomach.

But guess what? I love it! I opened up and savored all the three jars of gourmet spreads slowly over the following two weeks. As I spread it over my bread for breakfast, my plain bread tasted so much more delightful and I started to appreciate this yummy gift.

What made this edible gift even more appealing is that I didn't have to contend with a gift I didn't know what to do with, as this is something I ate and there wasn't any leftovers, except for the little glass jars which I've recycled for other purposes.

So gourmet spreads has now made its way into my list of gift ideas for coworkers, and the joy could be shared among family members too. Try this gift idea sometime.

If you are still at a loss at what to get and would prefer to buy non-perishable gifts, I've compiled another 5 more coworkers gift ideas for you.

All these are what I personally would have liked to received from my colleagues. Any of these would make me feel that my fellow worker has put in some thoughts and efforts, and not haphazardly chosen.

Innovative Teapot with Infuser

  • Teapot and a box of tea leaves for the tea-lovers if you happened to know that your coworker does drink tea. It's a gift that continues to give if your colleague shares his tea with others in the office or brought it home to share with his family or guests. The Ingenuitea Teapotlooking infuses tea directly into a cup, without the tea leaves. It allows the tea drinker to conveniently savor the aromatic tea without loose leaves getting into the mouth. As for tea leaves, a box of loose tea sampler would be nice as your gift recipient will have a chance to try out different flavors.

Mood Calendar

My friend told me that one of her best Christmas gifts she had received from her office "Secret Santas" is a mood calendar. She found it fun and interesting enough to place it on her office desk. She could select a mood of the day, display it and let her co-workers and boss know how she was feeling that day. She really enjoys it and find it a memorable gift that she continues to use. This is a great gift for people working in an office environment, and other coworkers will find it fun and hilarious and get a laugh out of it.

Texting Gloves

Texting gloves are great companion to smartphones and touch screen gadgets during the winter months. No one likes to be texting messages in the freezing cold. So these gloves will come in handy to keep her fingers warm while messages could be sent and replied, without waiting till your coworker is safe in the warmth of some building. If you know she's constantly on her smartphone or tablet, this would make a thoughtful gift.

Body Scrub Gift Set

This would make a lovely gift for a female coworker. There's many body and bath gift sets to choose from. I would prefer a company that's known for making more natural and effective products. For the set featured here, it includes a body scrub, body bar, body lotion, lip balm and a bath pouf. Once I bought a Burt's Bee gift set for my friend's birthday and she's pleased by the packaging, the contents and also the brand.

Body or Foot Massage Therapy

A body or foot massage gift certificate to a location near the workplace would make a pleasing gift! Your coworker can pop in the massage therapy shop after work to soothe away muscle knots and tensions, and melt under experienced hands working to relieve to stiff shoulders or tired feet. As he regains a more relaxed body and frame of mind, he would be thankful for this gift.

Makes Gifting a Fun Thing

Don't get too stressed up with getting a gift for your assigned co-worker or gifts for your coworkers. Normally, for the office gift exchange a budget is already preset, and what you have to decide is the gift content.

If your assigned co-worker is someone you know and like, that makes choosing the gift so much easier as you will have some clues about her hobbies or interests. If you buy the gift with her likings in mind, you're more than likely to score a winning!

Even if it's someone you hardly know or don't really like, start paying some attention to your coworker and see if you could spot some of his likings or preferences, and get something you think he would use and enjoy. It's the holiday season after all, so gets in the generous spirit of giving something nice.

If you're still clueless after going through my listed ideas above, there's more ideas to get you inspired in your Christmas gift selection.

Some thoughts and efforts put into your gift purchase will go a long way to making it a gift that's appreciated and remembered.


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