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Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Updated on June 17, 2010

Here are some ideas to help you celebrate Father's Day. Whether you're home with Dad or many miles away, make sure you do something special to thank Dad for everything he's done for you.

  • A Funny Card - Most dads will love a humorous card featuring a fish or a talking deer. Either way, write a message inside to tell him thanks.
  • Sport's Tickets - While it's certainly a stereotype, a lot of guys love sports. If your dad's one of them, grab him some tickets to go see a game together
  • Golf Clubs - If he's a golfer then golf clubs can be a great idea. Make sure you scout out his collection ahead of time!
  • Garden Work - One of the best ways to show Dad you care is to do some work for (or with) him. Offer to help plant some new plants or trim back the weeds. This works especially well if he's getting older and can't get around as well.
  • Take Him Out to Lunch - Treat him to his favorite place to eat
  • House Work - As with garden work, help him finish up some chores around the house. Offer to clean the shutters and siding, wash the deck, etc.
  • Gift Cards to Home Depot or Lowes - What dad wouldn't love a gift card to his favorite home improvement store?
  • Outdoor Weather Station - This makes a great gift that he can sit on a shelf and keep tabs on the weather outside. Some more advanced models offer weather prediction too.
  • GPS - If he hasn't gotten one already, get Dad a GPS that he can put in his car. Now Mom won't need to convince him to stop and ask directions, and his ego won't have to take the hit.
  • New Computer - If you can set it up for him, get him a newer, faster computer. Chances are his is old and outdated.
  • Bus Tickets - Send him and Mom on a trip some place of their choosing
  • Lawn Care - Offer to pay for some professional lawn care for a few months. Grass cutting is tiresome, especially if he has a larger yard, so pay a local service to do it for him.
  • HD TV - Depending on how much you want to spend, Dad will surely love a new TV where he can watch the game in HD
  • A Grill - Dad is probably the one in charge of the cook outs anyway, so why not hook him up with a new grill?
  • New Ties - Spice up his tie collection with a few new ties
  • Picture Frame - Give him a frame full of your favorite photos
  • Wallet - Replace his older wallet with a new one
  • Reclining Chair - Again, if you want to shell out a few hundred, go for a nice leather recliner
  • Grooming Kit - Keep him looking nice for Mom
  • New Tool Set - Most dads love tools...
  • Coffee Mug - Get him a good mug that possibly is customized with his name or favorite picture
  • Bedroom Slippers
  • His Favorite Grilling Sauce - Keep the cook outs tasting good
  • A Hammock - Let him lounge out on the porch with a hammock
  • Digital Picture Frame - Let him display your photos with a digital frame
  • Desk Calendar - Get him a desk calendar with funny or inspirational quotes
  • Lawn Hat - Protect that balding head from the sun in a stylish hat
  • Camera - If he still hasn't upgraded to a digital camera, get him one and teach him how to use it
  • Magazine Subscription - Subscribe to his favorite magazine for a year
  • Netflix Subscription - Netflix allows you to give gift subscriptions for a few months. Show him how to order movies online and stream them to his TV
  • A Tree - It sounds dumb, but most dads take their landscaping seriously. Get him a tree or some sort of shrub he can put in the yard
  • Emergency Radio - For when the power goes out, make sure he has a radio to use with a flashlight
  • Time - One of the best gifts you can give your Dad is time. Visit the house, spend the day with him. I'm sure he'll love it.
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    • evolveasite profile image

      evolveasite 7 years ago from United States

      these actually aren't so bad. I'm going to follow

    • girlincape profile image

      Kasey Rubenstein 7 years ago from California

      I figured out what to get my dad the other day. It's not on your list but these are all very good suggestions!