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Gift Ideas for Third Wedding Anniversary - Leather and Crystal

Updated on February 15, 2014

Leather - The Traditional 3rd Wedding Anniversary

By the time the third anniversary rolls around a good whip might be needed
By the time the third anniversary rolls around a good whip might be needed | Source

Leather Boots and Balls

Patent leather boots for her
Patent leather boots for her | Source
leather baseball for him
leather baseball for him | Source

Leather, naughty or practical

To keep the momentum going for the married couple you can always try to spice the life up a little or at least get them laughing with a leather whip. Adult stores usually stock leather dress up gear to add some spice into the marriage, throw in some hand cuffs if the budget allows. Leather is the traditional gift category for this 3rd year. If you are not keen on giving them an adult gift then there are lots of other options in leather and keep in mind it need not be animal leather, there are plenty of faux leather options.

  • Hand bags wallets and belts
  • Shoes and boots
  • Baseball, football, cricketball
  • Boxing gloves
  • Driving gloves
  • Leather bound diary
  • Imperial Leather (Cussons) soap and talc
  • Leather polish and fancy brush

Keeping Leather Items Looking Good

In warm humid climates leather can become moldy. When wiped off you think the problem has gone but within a day or two the mold returns. The solution to this is to take equal parts of warm water with white vinegar and mix well. Take a clean cotton cloth and immerse in the mix and wring out, then wipe over the entire leather surface, boots, jacket, lounge, whatever. Now dry off with a second clean cloth. Not only will the mold not reappear for many months, your leather will once again smell good. A lot of products on the market that lubricate the leather such as Dubbin tend to increase the chances of mold forming so you may need to experiment with products that will add luster to your leather goods.

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10 Interesting Facts About Leather

  1. Leather is a by-product of the meat and dairy industry
  2. Leather is the strongest upholstered product
  3. Leather is a natural and renewable resource
  4. Leather shoes are important for foot health in children and diabetics
  5. On average a person wears around four items of leather at any one time, shoes, belt, purse, wallet etc although faux leather has become more popular because of affordability
  6. As of 2011 labeling of leather goods was enforced to enable consumers ease in determining real leather/fur products from fake.
  7. Real leather will not be hot and sticky in summer and not cold in winter because it is a natural product that breathes.
  8. With proper care it will last an average persons lifespan.
  9. Leather takes to color dying very well and stays vibrant
  10. Leather outwears fabric four to one

Crystal - Beautiful and Romantic

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Colorful crystal pyramidclairvoyant gypsy crystal ballcrystal candle votive holderscrystal jewelry
Colorful crystal pyramid
Colorful crystal pyramid | Source
clairvoyant gypsy crystal ball
clairvoyant gypsy crystal ball | Source
crystal candle votive holders
crystal candle votive holders | Source
crystal jewelry
crystal jewelry | Source

Crystal - Modern 3rd Anniversary Gift Ideas

Crystal is beautiful and sometimes expensive but you don't necessarily have to restrict your gift purchasing to crystal, anything glass related will be accepted by the married couple I am certain. So this opens up the field to include any glassware, mirrors, sunglasses, sun catchers and vases. But don't forget to be creative

  • Look for unusual gifts
  • look for gifts with the name leather or crystal such as a bottle of Crystal Creek Wine
  • have crystalised herbs and flowersfor sale

Keeping the Sparkle in Crystal

Because of the many intricate surfaces of crystal dust soon has the sparkle looking somewhat faded. This can be easily and inexpensively fixed using a mild soap or detergent, or vinegar and warm water and a variety of soft bristled brushes. Smaller brushes are ideal for small items such as rings, jewelry or candelabra and small candle holders, larger brushes might be better for bigger vases and figurines. Make sure you rinse the soap well from your crystal and dry with a soft cloth. Do not put any crystal through the dishwasher

Leather gifts


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