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Gift Ideas for a Pre-Teen Boy

Updated on July 4, 2017

Pre-teen boys are, by definition, the hardest population to shop for. Girls are pretty easy; picking up something pretty that smells good will usually suffice in a pinch.

Boys, on the other hand, are just not that simple. They are too young to care about cologne, clothes will make them roll their eyes, and they are too old to play with toys. Chances are they will never touch that remote control car that they got a month ago.

If a child doesn't have a hobby, most parents are left guessing what they can possibly get their pre-teen boy that they will actually like.

That doesn’t mean that every pre-teen boy is destined to be disappointed. These awesome gift ideas will make them smile from ear to ear as soon as they open the package.

Their room

Every single kid loves their room, and every kid wants their room to be the best bedroom in the world, and that includes pre-teen boys.

If they still have a room that is decked out in superheroes, ask them if they would like an upgrade, and they more than likely will. Then, pick up some accessories to get them started on decorating their room in their favorite sports team, like a personalized football or a new comforter set.Add in a few posters and they’re bound to be ecstatic.

If they love the theme or color of their room, get them a few accessories to go with it. My son got a game chair, and he was in heaven. Some other great ideas are: new furniture, posters, a bean bag chair, or a few collectibles (think Nascar cars.)

This is the game chair I got for my son, and it was the perfect size. it was comfortable, and just what he needed.

An event

If they love sporting events or monster truck shows and do not get to go too often, they’ll love this as a birthday present.

Search local events on the internet to see if one is coming to the area around their birthday. If there is, surprise them on their big day with a card and the tickets inside. This is also a great way for families to bond together.

To make sure that they want to go, simply mention it and see whether or not they want to go. This may kill the surprise part, but it will guarantee that they enjoy their big day.

Some great events that pre-teen boys might be into are:

  • wrestling match
  • car durby
  • car show
  • monster truck show
  • sporting event
  • amusement park during Halloween

If an event is simply not possible, parents can still take their kids out for a day that is all about them for the same effect.

They can go to dinner and a movie, on a hiking trip, or to the local ice skating ring. If they have mentioned wanting to go somewhere, they'll definitely enjoy their special day.

Practical jokes

If the birthday boy always has that adorable, mischievous look in their eyes on a daily basis, they are guaranteed to enjoy a practical joker kit.

These come with a variety of things, and there are quite a few available online, guaranteeing that parents don’t have to deal with more than they want to.

For example, one parent may think that a fart smell in a can is hilarious while another may find this intolerable and opt for a different option. Other commonly included items are: shock buzzer, fake poop, and the cliché stick of gum that shocks the person that is pulling it out.

For those that are imagining months of terror from a child, setting limits on how many jokes a child can play a day is always an acceptable idea.

Pre-teen boys are at that age where most people are unsure of what to buy them, but gift cards are a bit cliché, and not every child enjoys getting money. Most would much rather open a present on their big day, and these gift ideas guarantee that they will not only have an actual present to open, they will open up a present that they love.


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