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Gift Ideas for a Writer

Updated on June 22, 2015
A great gift for writers can inspire them to continue writing for fun.
A great gift for writers can inspire them to continue writing for fun.

If you know someone, other than yourself, who has a passion for the world of writing, you might consider thinking about gifts for that special writer. Giving a present to someone he or she can deliberately use for the writing career should be something that is highly dependable and trustworthy. Large or small, anything you give to the writer can enhance writing skills as the person is practicing communicating with a written word. Here are some recommended gifts that can please the writer.


Perhaps you can begin your search with the basics of everyday writing: supplies. They typically include pencils, pens, notebooks, highlighters, etc. Some writers like to write with pencils and pens; others are comfortable using computers. Whatever they use, keep in mind that the important task is to purchase something the writer will like on his or her behalf, not on your behalf. If the writer enjoys writing with pencils, purchase a box of number two pencils or a package of mechanical pencils. If the writer wants to write by typing, buy appropriate ink cartridges and a package of printing paper.

Highlighters can help writers grasp thesis sentences and main points for academic work. A stapler, along with a box staples, will allow the writer staple reports together without having a chance to lose them. Folders and a sturdy binder are ideal for storing work. Popular office retailers such as Staples can sell virtually any supplies that are beneficial for writers and offices.

Bookstore gift certificates

Good reading allows writers gather more ideas for their writing. In this case, purchasing a gift certificate or gift card from the writer's favorite bookstore will be great. The certificate lets the writer purchase books, and also calendars, magazines, and more. Giving the certificate to the writer can even let him or her make period visits to the bookstore to find latest book releases.

Bookstores often sell gift cards, which make splendid presents for writers.
Bookstores often sell gift cards, which make splendid presents for writers.

Desk with lighting

A nice desk with a lamp lets the writer write comfortably and easily. The desk can usually be placed in the writer's den or living room, where there is normally plenty of open space in those areas. The lamp allows the writer to see well in the dark. Find a desk that has a flexible flat top to better suit the writer's comfort level. A lamp can be already attached to the desk or purchased separately.


A good dictionary - the bigger, the better - helps the writer know how to spell difficult words, understand what a word means, view a list of editor's proofreading marks, and look at reference charts. And speaking of looking up definitions, dictionaries are wonderful for writers who are vivid readers. Again, part of being a good writer requires consistent reading. As writers read, they may encounter a word they do not understand. This is where using the dictionary comes in. The writers look up the word and read its definition, which will allow them to penetrate deeper into the message of the content they are reading.


Another must-have for the writer is a thesaurus. The thesaurus provides an array of vocabulary words that will improve the person's vocabulary as he or she is writing. Synonyms and antonyms are helpful distinguishing which word to choose. In addition, the thesaurus helps the writer define words as nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and so on.

Writer's handbook

Every talented writer should have an editor's handbook in any form. A typical handbook contains a wide range of more proofreader's marks, grammar and spelling information, research documentation, formatting styles, and so much more. In case writers are not certain which particular word they should use in a sentence, they need to summon the handbook to find the correct word that will strictly create a more clear sentence. The size of an average handbook is quite small, but it can yield to an atmosphere of proofreading guidelines, revision tips, and tools on how to write a powerful research paper.


The more the writer writes, the better he or she can be while doing so. A journal definitely fits the bill. For starters, popular journals having those speckled black and white colors on the hardcover make a fine selection for the writer. Of course, it doesn't have to be that particular journal. Similar to what has been previously mentioned about using pencils, if the writer is more comfortable writing personal thoughts in a notebook, give him or her a brand-new notebook.

A woman writing in her journal.
A woman writing in her journal.

These are popular tools that your writer friend will be able to use for his or her writing career, in or out of school, or as a pleasure. Not only you will give these reference books and supplies to the writer with sympathy, you will enable to support his or her practice in writing. There is no such thing as a "perfect writer," but writers learn as they write.


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    • Samuel Smart profile imageAUTHOR

      Samuel Smart 

      3 years ago from United States

      You're welcome, and thank you for reading!

    • Janellegems profile image


      3 years ago from United States

      Great, thoughtful gift ideas for a writer. Thanks.


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