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Gifts for "Guys"

Updated on November 2, 2011

I have been told in the past that I am hard to buy for. I guess I kind of agree. I have mostly everything I need, and I have most of the big-ticket items that I want. And I'm a guy, so I don't care about jewelry or flowers or clothing or that kind of stuff that girls always like to get. So, when asked for gift ideas for myself, I have a hard time coming up with ideas. But here are some of the ideas I do have. Maybe something will strike you as a good fit for that guy in your life.

Star Wars on BluRay

Just about ever "guy" I know is a fan of Star Wars. Now, there are mixed reviews that might worry some of the die-hard fans, but BluRay is the future for high-definition entertainment. So, if he's not too picky about the details, but loves HD, then this might be just the thing for him.

Star Wars is one of those movies I've been looking for on BluRay since I went HD. I've loved the movies since I was a kid. I still have them on VHS. I got them when they came out on DVD. Then I got the re-release of the unaltered DVDs. But the quality of BluRay is so good, that I couldn't imagine not seeing the Star Wars saga in full HD.

I did hesitate a bit, because more "updates" have been made to the movies. I read a few of the comments about it on Amazon, but I stopped. The truth is, as much as I love them, I have only watched the movies a handful of times, and I feel that I probably won't even notice a lot of the changes. So, if I read about them all ahead of time and try to decide whether I agree with them or not, I'm only spoiling it for myself and taking away from the experience. And there's nothing I can do about it. So, unless your guy is a hard-core, notice-all-the-tiny-little-changes type, I'd say this is a good gift idea.

For the Guys without Beards

Shaving is one of those chores that us guys just have to live with. But with a nice razor, and decent shaving cream, it can be less of a "pain". He can never have too much shaving cream, because it will never go bad. And quality refillable razors like the Schick Quattro or the Gillette Fusion last for a long time and it harder to cut yourself.

Electric razors are a good way to go for the guys who's always on the run, or who appreciates the convenience factor.

Finally, maybe your guys is old-fashioned, or just likes to mix it up once in a while. Gourmet shaving kits and traditional razor blades can be a unique take on a common item.

I remember when I was a little kid, I used to watch my grandfather with fascination as he soaped up his shaving brush, lathered his face, and shave with an old-fashioned straight razor! I'm a little bit afraid that I might kill myself with a straight razor... maybe I'll ease into it. :^)

A Watch

Watches are a popular item for men. For a lot of men, a watch is the only form of jewelry they will wear. The nice thing about watches is that there are so many varieties to choose from. There are dress watches, every-day watches, self-winding watches, digital sports watches, and even more varieties.

One suggestion I have when looking at watches is to consider the size of the watch. If a watch is too small or too big for the wrist that will be wearing it, then it will look awkward. Usually, men will err on the side of caution and get a watch that is too big, thinking that it will look more "manly". It's true that a watch that's too small can look feminine, but a watch that's too big might not be much better. For a guy with smaller frame, a watch with a face that's too large can dwarf his hand and wrist, making him look like a boy wearing a man's watch, which I'm pretty sure isn't the the intent.

Belt Hanger

I never realized the convenience of a belt hanger until one was given to me. I actually never even thought about it before that. But now that I have one, I will always have one! I never have belts laying around like I used to, and it's so much classier than a nail in the wall!

I didn't get my belt hanger myself, it was actually given to me. It was never anything I had ever even thought of buying, because let's be honest, it's not very exiting. But it terms of practicality, I'm very glad I have it. So, this is really what makes this a great gift idea, because a lot of guys will never go out and get one of these on their own. You probably won't run into that situation where you have to scramble to get a new gift because your guys just went and got that thing you got him already even though the holidays are right around the corner and who the heck buys themselves cool things before the holidays are over?!?!?

Gift Cards

Sometimes you just don't have any good ideas for a specific gift. Or maybe your guys has very particular taste and likes to pick things out himself.

I'm a good example. I can be quite particular when it comes to clothing. And sometimes I have a hard time finding shoes that are comfortable enough. So, for me, you can't really go wrong with a gift card from a place like DSW, Kohl's, Sears, etc.

In those cases, it's easy to get a all kinds of gift cards from Amazon.


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    • droj profile image

      droj 6 years ago from CNY

      Thanks, alezafree! Maybe get 2 belt hangers! :)

    • alezafree profile image

      Aleza Freeman 6 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      I just posted a question about this the other day because I always have the hardest time picking out gifts for my husband. This was very helpful, so thank you! I really like the belt hangar idea, although I'm worried I'd be getting it more for myself than for him since it drives me crazy when his belts are all over the place! I also appreciate the razor tips!