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Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

Updated on December 17, 2014

Christmas Gift Wrapping Nightmares

Christmas is a mad rush and the time we spend running around looking for gifts, food and still having to take care of a family, leaves no time for wrapping and we usually end up doing this on Christmas Eve whilst watching the sunrise as we "wrap it up."

Christmas day is exciting for the little ones and the long process of wrapping that you so carefully completed is ripped to shreds within seconds as they rapidly try to grab a hold of the gift inside.

A little sad with the amount of effort that you put in but at the same time it is to be expected.

You also have friends and family that do not care about the gift wrap and they too tear open the paper and toss it onto the floor but you do get those that love the wrapping and the thought and time that you have spend on wrapping their gifts.

So how do you get all your wrapping done in a nice way without taking too much time to do it?

Here are a few easy tips for you to use that will give you extra time to concentrate on other things as well as give people the idea that you have spend time on wrapping their gifts.

Gift Wrapping can be Easy

A gift bag with tissue paper can save you time and still look beautiful
A gift bag with tissue paper can save you time and still look beautiful

Gift Wrapping for Kids

Children do not care or notice the wrapping at Christmas time and the only thing that they will begin to take note of is the writing on the paper once they are a little older but by then they would have already realised that the Christmas Elves are not whom they thought they were.

Many stores have a gift wrapping service available when you buy their products.....Use it!

The wrapping is all the same but it really makes no difference and the kids will never notice as they are only interested in what is going on under the wrapping.

Don't spend time on adding bows or frills as this is not important to them at all.

If there is a special present from mom and dad then this is the gift you can add a bow or different colour wrapping to but for the "Santa" gifts, just make use of the gift wrapping services or mass wrap everything.

It would be great to wrap as you buy but realistically, nobody ever gets the chance to do that and if you are one of the many that end up wrapping on Christmas eve whilst everyone else is in bed, then just ensure that the gift is covered and it does not have to be perfectly wrapped.

There are many sizes in gift bags available and all it needs is tissue paper
There are many sizes in gift bags available and all it needs is tissue paper

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Gift Wraping Ideas that are Quick and Easy

Time is valuable at Christmas and the last thing that you want to do is end up spending all your time wrapping gifts.

For presents that you are handing out to adults and friends that appreciate the efforts you put in there is a way to make it look good without spending any time on cellotape and scissors.

The best items that you will need to wrap gifts in a hurry and make them look good is;

Boxes that are colourful and ready to go

Tissue paper in assorted colours

Gift bags

Assorted cards

You can find gift boxes at almost any store but this would require you to know what you are going to be putting into it and you would have to have already got the gift or have the idea of what to buy.

Place a layer of tissue paper at the bottom of the box, add your gift and then add another layer of tissue paper into it and there you go!

For bigger gifts you can buy a gift bag and all you need to add to this is tissue paper to hide the gift.

If you want to wrap a gift then make use of the wrapping services at the stores and ensure that they add a bow to make it look good. As long as you have a card with it, the gift wrapping will not be the most important part of receiving.

You should also buy the ready made bows that can be easily placed onto the gift wrap.

Your gifts will look well presented and it will not take you long to wrap with the boxes and gift bags already beautifully presentable.

For an extra special gift all you need to do is add a card with thoughtful words into it and this you should do when your mind is fresh.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Boxes

Gift boxes come in different sizes and varieties, add tissue paper, a bow and a card
Gift boxes come in different sizes and varieties, add tissue paper, a bow and a card

Design Your Own Paper

With the internet at our feet all you need is right in front of you and if you have time and money to waste then you can design your own personalised gift wrap and have it printed.

This is an absolutely beautiful idea and I received a gift from my brother with his own specially designed paper that nearly made me forget that there was also a present underneath that beautiful wrapping paper. It must have taken him so much time to do but the effort was appreciated and the paper was incredibly beautiful.

The thought counts and it is not just about the gift for some as it is the effort you put into it when you have the time to do it.

With a little tissue paper, gift boxes with clever designs on them and a little bow, Christmas wrapping can be fun!

Specialised Christmas Wrapping Ideas

There are so many great ideas for Christmas wrapping and if you do have the time then there is a lot that you can do for the gift to be remembered.

You can have either your personalised paper or you can wrap the gift in brown paper and make the bow or a special something to add to the top of the paper. Your kids can make a santa, snowman or anything that is unique to add to the wrapping and this goes on gifts for the grandparents.

Bows and ribbons can also be made with ease but it takes patience to get it right and all you need is material or red strips of ribbon. Just try to invent new things that will look good and be creative with the way that you fold or curl the ribbon.

Adding multiple colours of ribbon together can also look amazing and fun as it is colourful and represents Christmas joy well.

Foil is sparkly and you can wrap a present in this and just add a red or green bow to it with a ribbon wrapped around the entire thing.

Buying a decoration is also a great and unusual way to wrap a gift as you can use plain paper and add the decoration to the top to give it a sparkle and unique effect. This is also a good idea for the person that is receiving it to remember you by as they can use the decoration on their tree for the next few years, knowing that it came from you.

Candy canes are also great on a gift and simple paper is needed, along with a ribbon and a candy cane on the top to make it look festive.

Having brown paper can be dull but if you add a little mistletoe onto it or tinsel in place of the ribbon, then it can look magical.

Gift wrap for Christmas can be personalised
Gift wrap for Christmas can be personalised
Candy cane with personalised names on the package can look amazing
Candy cane with personalised names on the package can look amazing
Mistletoe and candy canes can be colourful and festive on a gift
Mistletoe and candy canes can be colourful and festive on a gift
Christmas wrapping can be unique with creative ideas
Christmas wrapping can be unique with creative ideas
Decorations can look fantastic on a Christmas gift
Decorations can look fantastic on a Christmas gift

Unusual Christmas Wrap

Ivy leaves, berries and tinsel can alter the look of a Christmas gift and the excitement is already there just by the look of the gift.

I love the idea of a tree decoration or a candy cane, lollipop or mistletoe added to a gift wrap but there are so many other ways to wrap your gift.

Use Damask paper, cover the gift in tinsel, use metallic paper or design your own with the name of the person you are giving the gift to.

You could also make gingerbread men and add that to plain paper, along with some ribbon and it will look fantastic and the receiver gets a Christmas snack too.

If you want to bling up your presents then you can buy some crystals or fake diamond brooches to add to the top of the gift, they are not expensive and can be found in the pound, dollar or China mall stores.

Be creative and use decorations, tinsel and anything that makes Christmas to you. Gifts can be specialised by the ideas that nobody else would think of and this is a great way to give excitement and anticipation in the present opening experience.

A mini santa hat is also a fun idea to add to a gift and all you need to do is use your imagination.

On that note I wish you all a Merry Christmas and may it be full of love, peace and laughter shared with friends and family that will make memories to last a lifetime!

Creative Ideas for Christmas Gifts

If you are not creative and can't think of anything to do with your gifts then take a look at the youtube video that will give you a few tips and ideas on what to do with your gifts.

Have fun and enjoy the Christmas season and most importantly, time is something that we can never get back so make the time you have worthwhile and enjoy the time that you do have with those that you love.

God Bless and Merry Christmas!!


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      3 years ago

      I love these creative ideas on gift wrapping. They all looks so pretty. I myself use bags because I am not so good at wrapping with paper. I will have to file this for next Christmas but I think the basic ideas can be used for other special occasions. Thanks for the suggestions.

    • Tashaonthetown profile imageAUTHOR

      Natasha Pelati 

      3 years ago from South Africa

      Thank you and yes gifts can get expensive and it does add up to the point where we all have to eat beans in January because of the money spent at Christmas time!!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      3 years ago from The Caribbean

      Great ideas for those who can still afford Christmas gifts. I personally like the boxes--I guess that means my gift must be big enough to fit. Thanks for sharing your creativity. Voted Up!


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