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Gifts for Blind Teens

Updated on August 28, 2014

Great Gifts for Visually Impaired Teenagers

Need a gift for a teenager who is blind? Let me help!

My 16 year old daughter is totally blind, and most of her friends are too. I have my fingers on the pulse of what blind teenagers want for Christmas this year.

My daughter and her friends are helping me with these recommendations., so you don't have to guess. You can get your gift ideas straight from the source: girls and boys who are blind and visually impaired. They are giving me tips about what they like best, and I am passing that information straight on to you.

Don't take the risk of giving something the recipient cannot use. Give a gift that they will love! I will let you know what it is that visually impaired middle and high schoolers are asking for for Christmas. You won't have to guess!

Here are some of their most asked for gifts for Christmas 2014!

My Daughter with Her iPod Touch

My daughter loves her iPod Touch. She uses it to communicate with friends, listen to music & sound effects, and play games.
My daughter loves her iPod Touch. She uses it to communicate with friends, listen to music & sound effects, and play games.

First Things First

If possible, find out your teens interests before shopping. Not everyone likes the same things. People have different interests, and this is even more true as the individual matures.

If you can find out the person's particular interests, it will point you in the right direction. You will know whether to focus on music, electronics, books or something else.

Finding out which electronic devices the teen uses can be very helpful as well. For example, many blind teenagers use iPhones, because of their advanced accessibility features. If your teen uses this Apple device, then an iTunes gift card can be a very welcomed gift. But, without an iPod, iPad or iPhone, that gift card may go unused.

A little detective work can go a long way when it comes to buying a gift for a blind teen. So do your homework, if you can.


Stylophone Retro Pocket Synth
Stylophone Retro Pocket Synth

Here is a fun gift for a teen who likes to play or compose music. The Stylophone is a retro synthesizer originally produced in 1967. It has been used by many famous artists, including David Bowie.

Use the stylus to operate the electronic keyboard. The device produces a unique, organ-like sound. Connect the Stylophone to your MP3 player to play along with other recordings.

I have to admit that my daughter did not find this gift that appealing. Her best friend, on the other hand, loved it. She didn't want to put it down, and asked me to let her mom know where she could buy one.

For a gift under $25 you cannot go too far wrong with this purchase for a musically-talented teen.


A Blind Teenager, Living with Vision

The Main Thing to Keep in Mind

When considering a gift, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the recipient is first of all a teenager like every other teen. He or she has some needs that are different due to impaired vision, but most of all is like other adolescents all over the world.

She wants to explore her interests and develop as a human being. He wants to become independent and is looking forward to adulthood. She wants to discover her place in the world. He wants to connect with friends and realize he will not be alone when he leaves the comfort and safety of his childhood home.

You can find gifts to help your teen meet these goals and develop as a person. As you keep in mind the tasks of adolescence, it will help you choose a gift that your teen will enjoy and appreciate.

Here is a video that I find to be a strong reminder that even though a young person is blind, that is not the most important thing about her. This blind teenager is first of all a young woman on the cusp of adulthood, with the same concerns that all other teens share.

Blind Teen Playing Bop It Extreme

Creative Commons License
Creative Commons License | Source

A Fun Game

Bop It is an electronic game that has been around for a while. It is a fun, active game that can be enjoyed by both sighted and blind people, and can be played alone or in a group.

Teens can practice when home alone, and improve their skills. Then they can challenge their friends or play with family members.

The kids at my daughter's school love this game. This toy is in high demand in the dorm and recreation building.

If your teen already has this basic version, which is generally available for under $15, then why not branch out to one of the other variations? Some of these sell for over $100, but others are more affordable. You are sure to find one to meet your budget. Just read the description carefully to make sure it does not have visual cues, which some do.

If I Stay

Teens are flocking to this movie this year. A gift of an audio copy of the original novel may be most appreciated.
Teens are flocking to this movie this year. A gift of an audio copy of the original novel may be most appreciated. | Source

Favorite Gift Poll

Which gift would you like best as a teen?

See results

Audio Books

If your teen is the literary type, they may enjoy an audio book. I recommend checking the young adult best sellers list to see what their peers are reading. These books are most likely to be popular.

However, if you know that your teen is interested in science fiction, mystery, goth or some other genre, this can be helpful in choosing a book for him or her.

If you are unsure, you can always provide a membership to or another site where audio books can be downloaded.

If I Stay - One of This Season's Most Popular Books for Teens

If I Stay
If I Stay

One of the most popular books for teens this fall is If I Stay. The movie has just come out, which always makes a book shoot up on the charts.

The sequel to this book is Where She Went. This book explores the consequences of the decision the heroine made in the first book, and in my opinion it is just as good as the first one.

Another popular title this year is The Fault in Our Stars. This has also recently been made into a movie, which teens are loving.


Do you have any additional suggestions as to a good gift for a blind teenager?

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    • Pam Irie profile image

      Pam Irie 

      4 years ago from Land of Aloha

      A wealth of helpful info and great suggestions!


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