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The Best Gift Ideas for Little Girls

Updated on March 11, 2015

Whenever Christmas, birthdays and other important events are coming, my problem is always on what to give to my godchildren, nephews and nieces. I always spend hours in the department store choosing a specific gift for every child. It seems hard to choose when so many choices are before your eyes. I try to talk and ask their parents how old they are and what kind of gift the kids would love the most. This is really time consuming for me and now that Christmas day is fast approaching, I've already started to make my list as I don't want to cram again. It is just very stressful for me sometimes.

So, what do little girls want for Christmas and on their birthdays? Which special gift would give them so much delight? I remember last December when my 4 year old niece kept asking me to give her her favorite "Sleeping Beauty" doll, Princess Aurora. I couldn't find one at the department store where I looked so I had to go to another mall as I know she won't like it if I'd give her another doll which is not Princess Aurora. I felt so happy seeing her open her present with so much joy.

Buy a Disney Princess Doll Online

A Barbie Doll for Your Little Girl

Below are some of the most requested gift items by many little girls. There are also suggested items next to the description in order for you to give a clear idea on what is being described or explained. I've asked a few of my nieces and friend's daughters and these are what I found out.


Yes, many little girls live in the fantasy world. They want to become their most favorite princess. Having a doll of their favorite Disney princess would make them so happy and contented. They feel and relate to the little doll princess their dreams and little desires. There are many Disney princesses on Amazon that you can buy at discounted prices. Check the list given to the right for some of them.


Of course, who would not like a Barbie doll for a Christmas or birthday present? Since I was a kid, Barbie dolls have always been an in demand gift by many little girls. Barbie dolls may be a bit expensive compared to the other dolls but Barbie dolls are style icons. These dolls are also very durable and a sign of beauty, fashion and elegance. You can also mix and match your Barbie dolls' different outfits to represent the different beautiful women it signifies. A Barbie doll will truly give your little girl a little trip to the fashion world.

Sleeping Beauty's Princess Aurora
Sleeping Beauty's Princess Aurora

Buy Gifts Online for Your Little Girl


Girls love playing house with their friends. They act like they live in their own house and they also have the same responsibilities as their parents and elder sister. They love cooking and setting their little dining tables. These things, they love to do with their favorite friends. A pink cooking set would make her playtime with her girl friends very enjoyable and exciting. A complete cooking set will give them a beautiful and exciting cooking experience in their imaginary kitchen. This will also help them develop some skills in the kitchen that they would bring with them till they grow up.


A cooking set would best be enjoyed by your little girl if paired with a pink toy house. Little girls love the color pink. Buying a pink toy house for her will compliment her little cooking set. It will really give her a different experience having a pink toy house on standby while she and her friends play with their cooking set.


Little girls always love to look pretty. They would ask us to buy them beautiful clothes, paIred with beautiful hair accessories and jewelry. Little girls love what they see when we put on make-up and fix ourselves. When we are not around, they also want to fix themselves and pretend they are us or someone else they admire. So, don't wonder when they ask you to buy their favorite dress with their beautiful pink comb and beauty set. Kind of funny but they love copying what they see in us.


If we give her a beautiful school bag, this will add to her interest in going to school. I remember my niece telling us that she wants to go to school already, to think that she was only two (2) years old then. This is because we bought her a little Hello Kitty school bag. She loves carrying it around as if she is going to school already. Girls love carrying their bags with them most especially if it has a print of their favorite Disney princess character, cartoon character or a flower design.


Kids love going to sleep hugging a huge and long pillow or just to have it beside them when they sleep. This gives them a feeling of comfort. The pillows can be a Dora the Explorer pillow, a Garfield pillow, a Winnie the Poe pillow, a Betty Boop pillow, Disney's Finding Nemo and many more.


Almost every child loves Hello Kitty items. Their colorful and very attractive designs just melt the heart of every little girl. Hello Kitty has a wide collection from very beautiful wrist watches, bags, purse, necklace, bracelets, ring, pillows, blankets and many more. If you will give your little girl any Hello Kitty item, I'm sure she will love it and would surely treasure it. Other collections that little girl loves are Micky Mouse, Dora the Explorer, Winnie the Poe, and many more.


Little girls also love wearing beautiful jewelry. They want to wear that beautiful silver necklace, paired with shiny little earrings, bracelet and others even want to have glittery rings. Little girls also love what their elder sister and mother have. They can't wait to grow up and be a woman already. Many girls also want to have a beautiful headband or tiara that makes her feel like a princess.


Little girls love to dress up like a very beautiful fairy or fairy Godmother. Cinderella's fairy Godmother has become so popular that little girls love to be like her in their fantasy world. A fairy wand, beautiful and attractive fairy costumes and accessories as a gift for your little girl will surely make your precious one so happy. Many children love to play Cinderella's fairy Godmother or wearing that very pretty fairy costumes. They also love wearing Tinkerbell costumes and other beautiful fairy accessories.

The above are the most requested gifts by little girls. Choosing one of the above suggested gifts will surely make her so happy and make her day a memorable one. There are many online stores where you can order these items. It is always best to make a list in advance most especially that Christmas that it is fast approaching. Even on ordinary days, it is always best to plan things ahead in order to give you more time to decide which gift you truly want. Whatever gift you choose, I'm sure she will really love it. Remembering her on her natal day or during Christmas and other special events will surely mean a lot to her.


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