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Popular Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls

Updated on February 28, 2017
Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles /
Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles / | Source

What to Buy an 11 Year Old Girl?

Are you looking for awesome gift ideas for 11 year old girls? This article gives fun suggestions of birthday and Christmas gifts and other popular stuff for 11 year old girls.

Obviously 11 year old girls are not all the same and the best gift for an 11 year old will depend on her likes and interests. Is she sporty? Does she like arts and crafts? Does she read? Is she a video games girl? Is she an outdoors or indoors type?

Most 11 year old girls grow up quickly nowadays and will have outgrown many toys and dolls. This article covers several groups of gifts including:

  • Electronic gifts, such as an ipad, mp3 player, digital camera and laptop,
  • Arts and crafts sets
  • Beauty, Jewelry and Accessories
  • Gifts for the tomboy, sporty and outdoor girl
  • Entertainment (books, DVDs and video games)
  • Stationery
  • Bedroom Accessories and Décor

Read on for top gifts for 11 year old girls below.

Electronic Gifts

There are lots of great electronic gifts that 11 year old girls will love.

Ideas include:

  • Tablet : Girls can surf the net, play games and read e-mails.
  • A cell phone
  • Google chromebook
  • Games console (Xbox 360 with Kinect or a Wi are good choices)
  • Nintendo DSi
  • Camera
  • MP3 player
  • Smart TV for her room
  • A media streaming player such as Apple TV
  • A smart watch

Writing Tablet

Boogie Board 8.5-Inch LCD Writing Tablet, Pink Floral
Boogie Board 8.5-Inch LCD Writing Tablet, Pink Floral

A cool and slightly less expensive idea is a writing tablet like the boogie board opposite. It's a thin, lightweight and really portable gadget which she can write and draw on and is easy to take anywhere. She can use it to doodle, draw, leave notes for Mom, Dad or siblings or use to do working outs for homework. Use it in the car, for long car journeys to keep her entertained, use it as a study aid at home or for entertainment when at friends and family's houses. No need to have lots of pieces of paper lying around again!


Digital Camera for 11 Year Old Girl

Many 11 year old girls would love a digital camera to take pictures of family, friends, to make scrapbooks or keep a record of whatever she's doing.

A inexpensive digital point and shoot camera would work well, so she can take some high quality pictures without having to worry too much if the camera gets lost or broken.

Or consider an instant camera like the Fujifilm Instax below.

Decor and Accessories for Bedrooms

A bedroom can be a girl's sanctuary so decor and accessories for her bedroom can make winning gifts. Think pillows, cushions, lamps, digital photo frames, bean bags, alarm clocks, docking stations for their cellphone, and posters.

Another idea is a bean bag chair. This makes a useful extra seat for when friend's come round. Or use it when playing games, listening to music, reading and relaxing. They are available in different colors to suit different room decor.

There are lots of cool lamps for 11 year old girls bedroom. Ideas include lava lamps and lamps which project images such as rainbows across walls and ceilings.

If she loves listening to music, a bluetooth speaker where she can stream her music from a cellphone or tablet to a speaker is a great gift for her bedroom. Check out the animal bluetooth speaker below.

My Audio Pet (Gen 1 Mini Bluetooth Animal Wireless Speaker with Powerful Rich Room-filling Sound - 3W audio driver - Remote Selfie Function - for iPhone/iPad/iPod/Samsung/HTC/Tablets - PANDAmonium
My Audio Pet (Gen 1 Mini Bluetooth Animal Wireless Speaker with Powerful Rich Room-filling Sound - 3W audio driver - Remote Selfie Function - for iPhone/iPad/iPod/Samsung/HTC/Tablets - PANDAmonium

This is such a cool little speaker. She can use it to listen to music in her bedroom but it's super small and portable so she can also take it around the house, in the backyard, to friend's house or even to the park or beach.

It's a bluetooth speaker so it will easily connect to her smartphone, tablet or other bluetooth enabled devices. She will then be able to stream music from her device to the speaker. There's a built in mic for hands free options such as phone calls too.

It's amazing the sound you get from such a small speaker. And if a panda speaker is not her thing, there are other animals to choose from.


Beauty, Jewelry and Accessories

A gift that will allow an 11 year old girl to experiment with their appearance may be appreciated.

Nail varnish often is a good choice as you can experiment with different colors without making parents worried about using make up and products. There area also nail art kits which are fun.

Or what about a simple hairdryer and hair brush for everyday use. Some girls may like curling or flat irons to experiment with different hairstyles too.

Hair chalk is another fab idea. You literally use chalk to put colour on your hair. It can give fantastic results but the color is just temporary and will wash out after a few days. Great fun for kids to do together.

Many 11 year old girls will appreciate a simple pendant or a charm bracelet. Another idea is a mood pendant necklace or bracelet. These contains stones which change color according to the mood she is in.

If she has a few pieces of jewelry what about a jewelry box or jewelry tree where she can store them.

Bags or a purse are another top choice. Bags are used for school, sleepovers or days out with family and friends. A purse can be great to store her essentials when she goes out with friends.

There are also some great first books for learning about hair care and skin care aimed at this age group.

Accessories including scarves, funny socks, hats, gloves and sunglasses also make great gifts.

Sterling Silver"I Love You To The Moon and Back" Pendant Necklace, 18"
Sterling Silver"I Love You To The Moon and Back" Pendant Necklace, 18"

This is a really lovely pendant to give to a 11 year old daughter, niece or grandaughter.

It's a sterling silver two piece moon pendant engraved with the message "I love the moon and back"


Stationery, Drawing and Art Supplies

11 year old girls spend a lot of time at school so nice stationery is often appreciated. A nice pen or pencil case for school, funny shaped erasers or nice writing paper.

Some girls love drawing and art supplies. Ideas include inks, pastels or nice coloring pencils to do homework or to take to school.

Scrapbooking is another idea which is popular with girls this age. Organize your photos and more with a scrapbook set.

Doodle Diary: Art Journaling for Girls
Doodle Diary: Art Journaling for Girls

This makes a perfect gift for girls who are creative, like to doodle and draw or like to document their lives. The journal offers lots of ideas of how to fill it. There is a page where you can review movies you've seen and stick ticket stubs, a page dedicated to a best friend and a page for adding ideas that inspire you (colors, illustrations, photos, words etc). It encourages you to use different materials and methods to create (crayons, gel pens, collage, photographs, stickers, outlining and more). A wonderful book to prompt and inspire creativity.



There are lots of entertainment gift ideas.

Board games - there are some great board games for this age to play with family and friends. Ideas include Twister, Monopoly, strategy games like the Settlers of Catan, Bounce Off and fun party games like 5 second rule - Just Spit It Out.

Days out - tickets to concert, theatre shows and days out at a fun museum or even a shopping spree will keep her entertained and happy.

Music Gifts - For those who like to make music an instrument such as a guitar and guitar lessons will be a winner. If she likes to sing, check out the karaoke system below.

Gifts for 11 Year Old Girls Who Like to Sing

Memorex MKS-SS2 SingStand 2 Home Karaoke System
Memorex MKS-SS2 SingStand 2 Home Karaoke System

Many preteens like singing and especially like singing with their friends.

A really good gift ideas for preteens who like to sing is a home karaoke system. The Memorex sing stand karaoke system featured will connect to a phone or a tablet so you can customize your own playlists. There is also an input for a keyboard or guitar accompaniment.

A great activity for parties, sleepovers, with family and friends. Good for family nights too.


If the 11 year old you know is an avid reader it is worth checking out this article on books for 11 year olds for lots of suggestions of the best books for this age group.

Arts and Crafts Gifts

There are some great arts and crafts kits that many 11 year old girls will enjoy.

Ideas include:

  • Jewelry making sets such as bracelet making. Loom bands bracelets have been very popular in the last few years.
  • Make your own lip balms or a nail art set.
  • Fashion design kits are excellent gifts for those that like drawing and fashion. Some kits allow you to design an outfit and bring it to life using an app on a phone or tablet.
  • A budding painter or artist may also enjoy a painting by numbers set.
  • Duct tape sets are fun. Use them to create lots of items out of duct tape. Ideas include earrings, headbands, bracelets, belts, purses and more.
  • If they like drawing some high quality art sets and paper are another idea

Gifts for the Tomboy

Not all 11 year olds are girly girls. Many like the traditional pursuits of more active toys, games and gadgets. If she's a tomboy, more active or an outdoors type or sporty - check out some ideas:

An teenage / adult lego set - there are some fantastic lego sets aimed at older kids, teens and adults. Once built they can be displayed in her room. Ideas include models of the Whitehouse and Big Ben from the lego architecture collection.

A remote control helicopter - popular with 11 year old boys, so tomboys should love it too.

A skateboard and gear

Camping and outdoor gear for hiking

Clothes that aren't girly - 11 year old girls like clothes and tomboys may do too if you buy the right sort. Think converse sneakers, hoodies and sports t shirts.

Archery set - there are archery sets aimed at younger kids age 11 but also check out the nerf bow below.

Nerf guns / Nerf blasters are such a cool toys. Some can fire foam dart up to 75 feet. You can use it for fun, for target practice or to start archery. You don't have to worry about anybody getting hurt because the darts are soft. It won't just be 11 year old girls queuing up to have a go, parents, brothers, sisters and friends will want to have a try too.

Electric scooter - the electric scooter is a fun toy to play with outside and is good for a girl who likes a bit of speed and adventure. One to check is the E100 razor scooter. It comes in different colors. It goes up to 10 mph and there's up to 40 minutes of use per charge. The weight limit is 120 pounds. If you want a more powerful scooter also look at the E200 and E300 Razor models which can go faster.

Sporty and Outdoor Gifts

Getting the best sports gifts for 11 year old girls will often depend on what sports she enjoys and plays but here are some good ideas:

  • Sportswear - T-shirts, hoodies and other sportswear
  • Sports Equipment - Equipment they use for their chosen sport. Many girls this age play soccer so soccer boots, a soccer ball and soccer kits are some ideas.
  • Fun sports toys - Scooters, skateboard, ice skates, ripstik caster board, frisbee, a basketball hoop (you can get one for indoors and one for outdoors).
  • Sports watch (see one below)

Garmin vívofit Fitness Band - Red
Garmin vívofit Fitness Band - Red

Another gift idea for a more sporty girl is a fitness tracker.

The Garmin vívofit fitness band is a good option. It's not as expensive as other fitness trackers such as the Fitbit but it has some really good features.

Firstly there's the move bar which motivates you to be active throughout the day by displaying a red move bar after one hour of inactivity. Additional segments light up for every 15 minutes of inactivity. So it's really good at getting you to keep active.

It also counts steps, calories, distance and monitors sleep.

It has a long battery life of about a year before the battery needs replacing.

The display is easy to read.

The vivofit also learns your activity level and assigns a personalised daily goal.

It's also water resistant so you can shower or be out in the rain and don't have to worry.


More Gift Ideas

Still not found what you're looking for. Here are some more ideas:

11 small presents individually wrapped. If you're not sure exactly what to get her, why not get 11 small gifts. They could be hair accessories, chocolates, stationery, nail varnish, socks, a book or whatever you like. This is fun for young girls to open and even if they don't like all of the gifts, they should like one or two.

Pamper day out - you could take her to a salon to have her hair styled, to have a beauty treatment, manicure or on a spa day.

Shopping Trip - take her shopping and spoil her with a gift of her choice.

A cinema trip - you could take her and some friends to the cinema. Or give her some cinema vouchers so she will be ready to see the movie of her choice when it's released and maybe take her friends to see it with her.

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Still not found what you're looking for?

There are tons more ideas in this article awesome gift ideas for 11 year old girls.

They include games, an action camera, bluetooth speakers, tech gifts, music gifts, jewelry and lots more. See the picture opposite for some of the suggestions.

Well worth checking out.

Another website to check out is gifts for 11 year old tomboys.

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    • profile image


      7 months ago

      was okay

    • profile image

      I am Awesome! 

      23 months ago

      It was alright, I liked the camera but that was about it. I am 11 aswell and for crying out loud some of these things are boring as. SOS if i get this for my birthday!

    • profile image


      2 years ago


      She loves sport.

    • profile image

      Charlotte Tracey 

      2 years ago

      Ha ha ha!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      God People CHILL!!! 

      2 years ago

      Well i cant say that i hate all the things or love them but they are good and as an 11 year old myself i can say that i would enjoy some of these things. I just want to mention that we all have different tastes and i respect that but just know that your not the only one and that different things suit different people. Some of the things i have to admit are maybe either a slight bit to young or to old for us but make up is a thing i would want . Also Celyn ... honestly use proper grammer you sound like a 5 yaer old who is learning how to talk.

    • profile image


      2 years ago


    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I don't know what to get my bff

    • profile image

      11 year old girl 

      2 years ago

      I think some of these ideas are clever.... But some of them aren't particularly for 11 years old ( by that I mean there for younger people)

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      You should get your 11 year old girls an iPod 5 or any iPhone. I really want an iPhone but my mom would not let me. You can also my makeup and sexy thing

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      hy..m 18yrs old and am looking fpr a birthday gift for my sis..n dis is a mo no gor seriously my sis pull ma hair if o get her any of yhese shes gonna freak out..these stuffs are for 5 yr pls change d market for me..m goin somewhere else...smh..

    • profile image

      rEpLiE tO dOvE 

      3 years ago

      Dear dove wtf r u thinking all all 11 yr olds want is MAKEUP i dont think you get that some of us have just as many acne probs as any 14 yr old. Makeup is like the ultimate cure to PEER PREAASURE and even just a simple coat of foundation could be the biggest selfesteem booster to ur 11yr old i am 11 and hope you learned a lesson from me

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I am a mother to 11 years old girl, she would love any of those gifts, some more than others, I think they are great ideas. Make up for 11 years old is a no no. I don't know what you girls are into, but it is not 11 year old appropriate.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Yeah I agree makeup=great gift ideas. Sigh

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      These are for seven year olds except for the cellphone and camera I'm bored to death maybe get some younger viewers im finding another website

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      OMG these are for babies I'm 11 and the only thing I like on here is the camera gosh I mean half of 11 year olds in the world WANT MAKEUP so yeah!!!!!:() :(

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Good:( feeling sleepy

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      there was some good stuff here... FOR BABIES!!! this is nothing that an eleven year old would like and headbanz is for 5 year olds for god sake the only thing i like the look of is the camera and kodak is rubbish anyway so nothing helpful came from this website and has just wasted 10 minutes of my life!!!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I like this but i am 11 and i would rather have make up and lip gloss and ipods and stuff but really like ie.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      ur joking? this is totally STUPID. i hate girly stuff. this site didn't help at all and i am 11. AT LEAST PUT 1D STUFF! I MEAN SERIOUSLY.

    • jamiesweeney profile image


      7 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

      That's great, I wanted to buy that to give my lovely one.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Im 11 but i have chritmas in 25 days and my mom is trying to figure out what i should get for christmas can you help

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      cool i deas


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