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Gifts For Your Dog on Valentine's Day

Updated on March 14, 2011

Don't Forget Your Dog On Valentine's Day

They love us all year long, regardless of what day it is. Our dog friends enjoy a special remembrance, and Valentine's Day gives us the perfect reason to show them our love.

The pets that keep us smiling and moving, and overall let us know that we mean so much to them deserve to share in the love of Valentines Day. When it comes to our canine companions, it doesn't take much to let them know they are being thought of - a fun new pull toy, a pretty pink outfit, or even a few treats will make their day. Toss in an extra walk, or a few extra moments of brushing, and you will share in their joy.

It is wonderful that there are so many options available to choose from when it comes to our pets - there are some suggestions listed below to help you make Valentines Day special for everyone in the family, including the family dog!

Valentine's Day Dog Dress

This Heart Pet Dress is adorable with it's candy heart pattern!  It is a lightweight pullover tank dress that has a heart-shaped accent on the back, complete with sequins.

Valentine Gift Bag For Your Dog

Paw Treats has put together a Valentine's Day gift bundle for your dog that is truly special! The gift bag contains

  • a stuffed monkey
  • 4 peanut butter bones - 6oz
  • a heart assortment of peanut butter treats - 8oz
  • 1 lb of small peanut butter hearts in a box

All the treats are natural and freshly handmade with no added preservatives.

Valentines Dog Toy

The Valentine's Red Ruff Rope & Terry Dog Toy is sure to be one of your dogs favorite toys.  The easy grip rope body, terry cloth texture and cute heart patch make it an ideal gift.

Valentine Sparkle Fancy Pet Collar

This fancy dog collar is 1" wide and full of sparkling pink stones! You can even choose whether you would like a Rhinestone buckle or a plain buckle, as well as an extra D-ring for a leash hooked in the middle of the collar versus the buckle area. All sizes available.  It is a lovely gift!

Valentine's Day Pet Charm/Pendant With Swarovski Crystals

Add some charm to your dog's attire with a beautiful Swarovski crystal pendant!  These are easily attached with a lobster claw clasp and also look great on a purse or bracelet.  They are rhodium plated so they never loose their shine.

Puppy's First Valentine T-Shirt

What fun to celebrate your puppy's first Valentine's Day with an adorable T-Shirt Tank.  Made out of comfortable soft cotton, the shirt has a touch of lycra for a great fit.  Complete with a heart ribbon, and is machine washable.


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