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Gifts That You Should Not- Give Your Mother On Mother's Day (The Top 5 Gifts That Moms Do Not Wish to Receive)

Updated on November 19, 2014


Well… It’s that special time of year, a time in which kids young and old should honor the woman who cared for them, took care of your needs when you were sick, yelled at you out of love and concern when did stupid things.

Yep! Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and rather you like her or not, you must show gratitude by either buying her a gift, or taking her out to dinner.

To make this mother's easy on you, this article is about gifts that you can consider buying for mother's day.

My Mom Does Not Deserve A Gift, Because She's A Jackass

Some of you may not have the best relationship with your mother, so you feel as if she does not deserve a gift. It may make you sad or maybe even jealous when you hear or read about people who have great relationships with their mothers.

Yet, what is even more tragic, are those who have mothers that have passed away

Many situations alter our decision dealing with what to purchase for our mothers on this special day.

If you don't have a good relationship with your mom you'll buy her whatever, due to the fact that you are still broken inside and possibly too broke financially thanks to her horrible financial advice in the past.

And if you have a rich budget you feel that gifts can heal all wounds, but eventually you will come to realize that money cannot by you love, our closure. Indeed time, distance, and forgiveness, heals all wounds.

Rule of Thumb:

Treat your mom how you want to be treated. Many people want others to ask them what they prefer as a gift within a given budget.

A Sweet Sincere Motherly Response:

Oh darling you don't have to buy anything! Your love is good enough.

Many of us did not grow up with motherly love, perhaps we had a single mother who worked two jobs, or a mother who was trapped in an abusive marriage, or perhaps a mother who came from an abusive family background and did not know how to love.

In such cases Mother's Day can be an awkward time of year, if you’re not close to your mom. You may have a stepmother that you find difficult to get along with, regardless, the fact that you are striving to honor a difficult person shows the depth of your grace.

Dysfunctional Mom Sitcoms Do Well in Hollywood Because Such Situations Mirror Life

For The Most Part Moms Do Care About Their Children...But It Can Be A Tad Bit Annoying

The Perfect Classic Mothers

'The Good Times', Tough Love Mom, Florida

 Publicity photo from Good Times. Pictured are Jimmie Walker (J.J.) and Esther Rolle (Florida).
Publicity photo from Good Times. Pictured are Jimmie Walker (J.J.) and Esther Rolle (Florida). | Source

There Is No Such Thing As A Perfect Mother, Therefore There Is No Such Thing As The Perfect Gift

Even though mothers strive to do their best we all fall short. I'm sure my children will share their horror stories about me, even though I tried, there were and are times in which I do not meet the perfection status. The "Leave it To Beaver" Perfect mom was a dreamy role set for t.v.

And let's not forget the tough love kind of moms of the 70's, era, some were single and others were struggling tor raise their children in the projects, their bold advice kept the kids out of trouble.

As time moves on a mother's role can change, there are times when she must stay home with the children and times when she must work outside of the home to help provide for her family. I do believe that the main goal is to be the best mom possible.

Every once in awhile someone will mention that they had a wonderful mother, and this is a blessing. I believe God gave me the perfect mother who was loving enough to raise me.

This being said, we may not be able to find the perfect gift, but we can come close. So to strive as close as possible to finding the perfect mother's day gift for the perfect and not so perfect mothers, let's take a look at gifts that we should not give our mother on Mother's Day.

The Top 5 Gifts That Moms Do Not Wish to Receive On Mother's Day

Hopefully you have not purchased any of these gifts for your mother.

1. Hemorrhoid Ointment

Hemorrhoid Ointment
Hemorrhoid Ointment | Source

Let Your Mother Handle Her Own Personal Business

Even though some mother's make a habit of blabbing about their personal issues that their kids don' want to know about, when it comes swollen hemorrhoidal tissue, mothers will get offended if you give them ointment on Mother's Day.

2. Denture Adhesive Cream

Super Poligrip Zinc Free Denture Adhesive Cream, 2.4-Ounce Tubes (Pack of 4)
Super Poligrip Zinc Free Denture Adhesive Cream, 2.4-Ounce Tubes (Pack of 4) | Source

Don't Take Your Mom Out To Eat At A Place That Serves Corn On The Cob

If you notice that your mom has been messing with her teeth lately, again this is none of your business, just avoid barbecue joints, and stick with a nice restaurant that serves soup and soft bread.

3. A Year Supply Of Depend Fitted Protective Briefs, Maximum Protection

Depend Fitted Protective Briefs, Maximum Protection
Depend Fitted Protective Briefs, Maximum Protection | Source

Do You Really Want Your Mother To Think About You Every Time She Wets Her Pants?

Depends are not a good gift, again this is venturing off into your mother's private business.

4. A Picture of You & Your Girlfriend Or Boyfriend That She Can't Stand

Linear Black Picture Frame 3.5x5" Split Double
Linear Black Picture Frame 3.5x5" Split Double | Source

Maybe Your Wishing That She Will Accept Him Or Her?

Your mother does not want to see a picture of your face or the person who she may refer to as a dork, loser, free loading two- bit- hustler, or airhead.

However,there are exceptions to this rule.

Say you are stationed in some foreign land and she hasn't seen you in years, or if your mother suffers from memory loss, a picture could be helpful.

A picture can be the perfect gift if presented in a unique way of your family members which include your mother.

A Creative Family Picture Is A Nice Gesture

Bronze Family Tree Picture Frame with 6 Hanging Photo Frames
Bronze Family Tree Picture Frame with 6 Hanging Photo Frames | Source

5. Rolaids Ultra Strength Tablets, Fruit, 160 Count

Rolaids Ultra Strength Tablets, Fruit, 160 Count
Rolaids Ultra Strength Tablets, Fruit, 160 Count | Source

Come On! No! She Does Not Need More Heartburn Medicine

You know she went to Costco and purchased the value pack, now she has some in her medicine cabinet and that big gigantic purse she shuffles around with.

Keep It Simple Yet Unique Rose Ring Holder Rose Ring Holder

Gifts That Most Moms Prefer On Mother's Day:

  • Expensive jewelry
  • An elegant dinner
  • Unique Poetry
  • Nice flowers
  • Your Time
  • Chocolate

The Please Don't Buy Me That For Mother's Day Poll

Have You Ever Received a Horrible Mother’s Day Gift ?

See results

Flowers Can Be The Perfect Choice For Some Moms! Happy Mother's Day!!!

Tender Hearts
Tender Hearts | Source

This Is A Unique Gift For Mothers On Her Special Day!

Happy Mother's Day!


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      Emunah La Paz 3 years ago from Arizona

      Thanks Eric! I have feeling that you do not need help in this department. Thanks for stopping by!

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      Eric Dierker 3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Great Job!