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Gifts for Dog People: Three Ideas

Updated on September 28, 2011

Are you shopping for a friend or family member who really loves dogs? While it’s not really a good idea to surprise (shock!) a friend or family member with an unexpected new puppy or adult canine companion, there are plenty of great dog themed gift ideas that the true dog lovers on your special occasion shopping list are sure to enjoy. Here are a few ideas.

Three Gift Ideas for the “Dog People” on Your Shopping List

1. Fur Fighter Products

If the person you are shopping for has one or more indoor dogs, chances are that he or she will really appreciate just about any item from the ScotchTM Fur FighterTM product line. This unique line of household cleaning products features a variety of gadgets designed to keep dog hair under control.

Options include a fur remover for upholstery, a broom especially designed to make easy work of sweeping up dog hair, a hair remover tool designed to remove car hair from your car, a fur remover for clothing and other items. Anyone who lives with dogs is sure to include a gift basket filled with items from this product line.

2. Pet Care Gift Card or Gift Certificate

Keeping canine companions well cared for can be quite expensive. That’s why any dog owner is sure to appreciate a thoughtful pet care gift card or gift certificate. Consider purchasing a gift certificate for veterinary care, heartworm medication, flea treatments, dog grooming services, dog boarding, pet sitting or other pet care item that the recipient is likely to make use of.

If you aren’t sure what providers or products the recipient uses, a gift card to PetSmart or PetCo might be a good choice. Consider, of course, the needs of both the pet and the person you’re shopping for. For example, those who take their pets with them when they travel aren’t likely to use a boarding gift certificate.

3. Dog Breed Coffee Mugs

If the person you are shopping for has a favorite dog breed and you’re looking for a low price point gift item, consider getting a set of dog breed mugs. If the recipient has a favorite breed of dog, he or she is sure to enjoy sipping coffee, tea, hot cocoa or another favorite beverage from this type of mug.

You can give just the mugs, or use them as cornerstone items in a gift basket that features a variety of gift items. If you choose to put together a gift basket, be sure to include a variety of beverages that can be consumed from the mugs and complementary snacks. You can even toss in a few doggie treats so the gift recipient can share with his or her pet.


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  • GuitarGonzo profile image

    GuitarGonzo 6 years ago

    Great inspiration for a Christmas present. My mother-in-law has a dog and a Pet Care Gift Card might just be the thing. Voted up. :)