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Gifts for Fathers to Be

Updated on July 19, 2012
Don't forget to get a gift for the father to be!
Don't forget to get a gift for the father to be!

There is always such a fuss made over an expecting mother, and shops are literally filled with incredible collections of gifts for both baby and mom, but expecting dads are often forgotten. In the midst of all the excitement, many well wishers inadvertently ignore the magnitude of this life changing event for the new dad. If you know an expectant dad here are some great gifts for the father to be.

Daddy’s Little Tool Belt

If you are looking for a perfect gift that is both functional and manly, take a look at the Daddy Tools Belt. Like a carpenter’s belt, the Daddy Tool Belt gives that father to be a masculine way to be ready for any of the baby’s needs. With slots for everything from diapers to rubber gloves, these tool belts are a great, fun gift for any father to be.

Pacify Me: A handbook for the freaked out Dad

Chris Mancini’s real man’s guide from one dad to another, documents his own personal journey and the struggles he overcame as he became a father for the first time. It answers all of the questions every father to be wants to ask with candid answers that provide real insight into this life changing event. Covering everything from pregnancy, diaper changing, sleepless nights, calming an inconsolable child and what to expect from your sex life after the baby comes. This is a book for every expectant father and a great gift to boot.

Father to Be T-shirts

All the preggie bellies get their 15 minutes of fame, but the dads are normally left out of those moments. Cure that with a shirt for the expectant dad. With captions such as ‘’Sympathy Belly,’’ ‘’ All she wanted was a backrub,’’ and ‘’Pregnant Wife: Handle me with Care,” the father to be will secretly enjoy his new found attention.

Builder Man Diaper Bag for Dads

Time for dads to embrace their masculinity as well as their impending fatherhood with a diaper bag made in leather, bull denim or other manly materials. These bags, designed like a builder’s tool bag, offer plenty of orderly places for bottles, wipes, diapers and more, all organized for the convenience of the father to be.

Diaper Changing Apron

Nothing says emasculation quite like a pink and white gingham apron. Let the expectant dad stay in touch with his masculine side by gifting him a Dad’s Diaper Changing Apron. Much like a barbeque apron, they are machine washable, and resistant to just about everything. This versatile, pocketed apron can live behind the nursery door, ready for action in the diaper changing department.

Daddy Backpack

Versatile, easy to store, practical and of course uber-masculine, the Daddy Backpack can be taken everywhere; hikes, weekends away, shopping, or just an afternoon out with the family. Expectant dads will really like this versatile option to a diaper bag, or a welcome addition to the diaper bag for larger items like blankets and winter wear. As a gift for the father to be, this is a major convenience item.

Kangaroo Sling

Ask any woman and they will tell you that there is nothing more endearing, and for some, nothing more attractive, than a man with a baby in a Kangaroo sling. New dads will embrace the chance to be able to have their little babies snuggled against the warmth and security of their chests, while they still have free hands to carry bags or hold mom’s hand. For the father to be, it is like offering an extra set of hands. What could be better?

Chocolate Cigars

A modern, environmentally friendly and much healthier version of their tobacco filled counterparts, a beautifully packaged box of chocolate cigars will hit the right spot. It’s a nostalgic way for the new dad to celebrate this momentous occasion, while avoiding the pitfalls associated with real cigars.

Baby Carrier

The perfect addition to any family, a handy, practical and versatile baby carrier is just the thing an expectant father will need and love. With a sturdy frame, and excellent back support for the father to be, these baby carriers comes with hip belt supports, a harness and a sturdy locking mechanism. They can be worn with baby facing forward or on your back, like a backpack for maximum flexibility.

Gifts for New Dads and New Grandfathers

Given that both the father and grandfather to be are normally forgotten during this important time, why not get matching dad and granddad tool belts or backpacks? Not only is it fun, but it is extremely practical as having identical baby paraphernalia at the grandparents house can make visits that much more simple for the new parents.

A Gift Card

Finally, if you are hesitant to risk a creative gift for the father to be, why not spring for a simple gift card. With this choice, the expectant dad can treat himself to whatever he really thinks he will need. Beyond that, he will truly appreciate your thinking of him at this momentous time.

At the end of the day, a simple gift for the father to be will mean much more to him than the gift itself. This acknowledgement of his place in the new family will make all the difference in the world. Your thoughtfulness will go a long way, and the father to be will be genuinely touched.


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