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Gifts for Men Who Have Everything or are Hard to Buy for

Updated on November 1, 2017

Is your dad, husband, boyfriend or brother IMPOSSIBLE to shop for? Does he seem to have everything already? Or when he likes something he just rushes out to buy it for himself? Good for him – frustrating for you! Is he also the type that will not really be delighted with a scented candle or a star named after him?

The truth is, no one has everything – not even the rich. Some may have more stuff than others do, but if you know the person’s interests and what he really likes, you will find that “perfect” gift that will not disappoint. The secret to gift-giving for difficult people is to focus on unique, useful and thoughtful presents. However, purchasing such gifts can be a daunting task for those who are out of time and ideas, so we rounded up some ideas that will hopefully help you with your choice, or at least point you in the right direction when it comes to shopping for guys who seem to have everything.

Phone Camera for 360° Videos and Virtual Reality

Affordable 360-degree camera attachment for iPhone that fits in your pocket.
Affordable 360-degree camera attachment for iPhone that fits in your pocket.

Technology gifts are still one of the most popular presents people receive and while some may seem to own every tech gadget possible, in a world that never stops spinning there is always something new and exciting. 360-degree cameras, for example, are the latest rage in the world of technology and will make lovely gifts for the “difficult to buy for” techie guy. With these cameras you can shoot 360-degree images and videos, capturing everything around you. This way you can interact with your friends and family in an entirely new way – they can view any point of the surrounding environment like in a real life setting by just dragging their fingers across their phone's screen or by using the phone's built-in gyroscope to physically pan around the video or image. While there are 360-degree cameras that cost thousands of dollars, there are also some that don’t come with a huge price tag and are perfect for giving as gifts. One of them is the Insta 360 Nano.

The Insta 360 Nano camera can function either as a standalone device or attached to a smartphone. However, you need to know that it is an iPhone-based product, so you won’t be able to use it with other smartphones. The camera works with iPhone 7 and Plus, as well as phones dating back to the iPhone 6. It uses two fish-eye lenses to create 360-degree photos and videos and is capable of recording video at up to 3K resolution (3040 x 1520 pixels).

The camera comes with its own virtual reality (VR) headset that allows you to step inside your favorite video of a sports game, concert or vacation spot and relive those moments again. The VR headset is pretty basic – it is similar to the Google Cardboard headset, but it gets the job done. Another cool thing you can do with it and the camera is use it for a live video chat, which would feel as you are sitting across the table from the person you are chatting with. Furthermore, a phone app allows you to share 360 videos and images via different social media platforms or live stream 360 videos on Facebook or YouTube.

The Insta 360 Nano connects to the iPhone through the lightning connector and when plugged in it sort of hugs the back of the phone. The only control located on the camera is a power button on the back, which also doubles as the shutter button for when you are using it as a standalone device. And since you can use it independently of your iPhone, the camera supports a micro SD cards to save your images and videos directly to it. One huge plus about the Insta 360 Nano is that it doesn’t drain battery power from your phone, because it has its own internal battery.

The MacGyver Bracelet Tool

A mixture of 29 Leatherman tools into an everyday wearable accessory.
A mixture of 29 Leatherman tools into an everyday wearable accessory.

Whether it is for a holiday or Christmas, the more unique and original you can be, the more memorable your gift will be for people who seem to have everything. We have all been through the struggle of what to buy a handy guy that loves to fix things around the house, but already has every tool possible. Fear no more: the Leatherman’s Tread Bracelet may just be that unique and original gift for him. Why on Earth would he like a bracelet, you may ask? Well, if you are familiar with the name Leatherman, which is almost synonymous with multi-tools, you would have probably guessed that it is much more than just a pretty piece of jewelry. The Tread is more like a mini toolbox that you carry on your wrist and it is probably the first wearable multi-tool.

The Tread has a watch-like clasp and it packs 29 different tools into its nine links. The tools include variety of box wrenches, hex drives, flat and Phillips screwdrivers and they all come in few sizes. There is also a bottle opener, a glass breaker, a cutter to open plastic clamshells and a SIM card eject pin for your phone. To use the tools, you take the bracelet off and fold it so that the tool link you want pokes out. Then you use the remaining links as a handle, which provides pretty decent leverage to get the job done. Of course, the bracelet will not replace a full size Leatherman multi-tool, but is ideal for small repair works and will come really handy for when you don't have your tool box around.

The Tread bracelet is fully adjustable to fit different wrist sizes. All tool links are removable and replaceable, allowing you to remove links you rarely use. You can even purchase adapter links to use the bracelet as a watch strap. With respect to the quality: Leatherman is known for its exceptionally high-quality products, and this one is no exception. It even comes with 25 years warranty. Another neat thing is that you can travel with it and pass airport security checkpoints, because it is compliant with TSA rules.

Personal Stress Reliever

Fitness tracker for your brain that helps manage stress.
Fitness tracker for your brain that helps manage stress.

Even those who seem to have everything often deal with higher levels of stress, which takes a toll on their productivity and physical and emotional health. Many people are constantly stressed and when they get home, they find it hard to relax and calm their minds. So, if you are looking for a birthday or Christmas gift for a very busy and often stressed out man, consider the Muse brain sensing headband.

The Muse is basically a fitness tracker for your brain. The way it works is much like a heart rate monitor. While a heart rate monitor senses the activity of your heart, the Muse detects your brain waves and gives you real time feedback, through an app, on how active or calm your brain is. The free app is called Calm and it trains you to stay focused and calm by guided mediation exercises. If you brain is calm, the app will play relaxing sounds such as chirping birds, the surf on the beach or rainforest sounds, but if your brain activity increases and your mind starts wandering, the sounds will become more intense – you will hear a storm picking up, crashing waves or loud winds. The main goal of the person using the headband is to make the nature sounds stay peaceful. At the end of each session, the app will also give you various graphs and bar charts of your brain activity, so you can compare them. There are several preset guided sessions for 5 or 12 minutes, but you can also customize it and set the time to the length it suits you best.

Weather you call it meditation or mindfulness, this type of brain training is known to help manage stress and increase the quality of life, making the band a thoughtful and useful gift for those “hard to buy for” guys.

Turn Any of his Coats into a Heated Coat

Torch is a battery operated heater designed to fit discreetly in any of your coats or jackets.
Torch is a battery operated heater designed to fit discreetly in any of your coats or jackets.

People who seem to have everything still appreciate a gift that fits their favorite hobbies. If you are shopping for someone who loves ice fishing, skiing, hunting or just being outdoors when the temperatures drop below zero, consider the Torch coat heater. This gift is also perfect for guys who work outside in cold weather or just anyone who has to sit still for a long time on a cold day (like during a winter sports game).

What makes this coat heater a unique gift is the fact that it can be used interchangeably with different coats and jackets. You can use it in almost any coat you have and, unlike heated jackets, which usually come with a pretty hefty price tag, this one is super affordable.

The Torch is a battery-powered heating accessory that you can easily “velcro” to the inside of your coat or jacket to keep you comfortable in the cold. It consists of three thin, soft mesh heating pads, connected with a long band, which is designed to wrap around your body. You also get three sets of adhesive-backed Velcro pads for installation in three different coats. And, of course, the set also comes with a battery and a battery charger.

This universal coat heater allowing you to wear what you want, even when the temperatures plummet.
This universal coat heater allowing you to wear what you want, even when the temperatures plummet.

The installation is pretty straightforward – you stick the self-adhesive Velcro pads to the inner lining of the coat and then stick the Torch heat pads onto them. Connect the battery, place it in the inside pocket of the coat or jacket and you are ready to go. The only thing is that you need a coat with smooth lining, like polyester, so the pads can stick to it. Fleece or furry shells won’t work.

The Torch coat heater has 4 heat settings, so you can choose the temperature that is most comfortable to you. Depending on what heat setting you are using it, the battery can last from 2 to 5 hours. And if you want to stay warm and toasty for a longer periods of time, you can buy extra battery packs. As far as charging the battery, it takes around 90 minutes to completely charge it.

Front Pocket Wallet

The Front Pocket Wallet is designed to be the most comfortable wallet you'll ever own.
The Front Pocket Wallet is designed to be the most comfortable wallet you'll ever own.

Wallets make good gifts for guys, because they get worn and torn and eventually will require a replacement. If you are planning to get a new wallet for someone who has everything, you need to look for one that is different in some kind of way, like the Rogue – a front pocket wallet that has a curved bottom edge, which resembles the shape of the interior of a front pocket, so it fits more comfortably and securely.

The problem with men’s wallets is their size. Many guys carry such thick wallets in their back pockets that they are literally sitting all day on a two inch thick pile of credit cards, receipts, business cards, bills and coins. Having a big lump on his butt not only doesn’t look good, but it actually can be a major trouble for his back, because it makes him sit crooked and this could put stress on the hip joint and the lower back. That is why the front pocket design of the Rogue is better. Another advantage is that is more difficult to pickpocket. Pickpocketing may not be an issue for most guys, but the majority of men living in major metropolitan areas will probably find this wallet more convenient.

The Rogue also has another fantastic feature – RFID blocking (radio-frequency identification). Basically, this is a technology that protects the credit cards against electronic pickpocketing. Smartphones with NFC (Near Field Communication) can read credit cards with tap-to-pay ability, which means that if a criminal gets their phone close enough to your cards, they can scan the information and digitally steal your credit card. This wallet has a built-in protective layer that radio waves cannot penetrate.

Warm, Homemade Lunch at Work

Take your Crock-Pot food warmer to work and heat your food up right at your desk.
Take your Crock-Pot food warmer to work and heat your food up right at your desk.

Lunch is something everyone does every day, but having a decent, hot meal while at work is not always an option or it can sometimes be a challenge, even for people who have everything. If there is someone who often resorts to quick and easy lunches on your gift list, consider getting them the Crock Pot portable food warmer.

Inside this lunch size Crock Pot there is a removable stainless steel container with a lid that holds up to 20 ounces of food, which is more than enough for a lunch. Unlike the full size Crock Pot, this one does not cook the food – it just reheats it. The easiest thing to do is place your already cooked meal in the metal container the night before work and put it in the fridge. The next morning, put the container in the warming base and you are ready to go. Then you have to plug it in before lunch and it will reheat your meal. More watery foods like soups and stews will warm up relatively quickly – for about 30 min. Less watery foods like rice dishes and pasta will take more time.

There are also replacement containers available (on Amazon) for those people who prefer preparing a whole week's worth of meals on a Sunday night. In this case, you can leave the warming base at work and only take the container.

The nice thing about the Crock Pot warmer is that it warms the food slowly, so it doesn’t get tough and chewy like in the microwave. And you fellow co-workers won’t have to endure the smell of your delicious lunch, because you can’t smell the food until you take the lid off.

This gift idea is perfect for cubicle dwellers who work through lunch or eat at their desks. It is a great option for those who hate hassling with long lines at the office microwave or are just grossed out by the filthy microwave. The food warmer is also a good solution for those who don’t have a place to heat food at their workplace and always end up eating cold sandwiches or worst – fast food. It can even be the perfect gift for a dad or husband who has a job that requires him to be on the road in their car or truck for long periods of time. You just need to get him a power inverter, so he can plug it into the cigarette lighter of the car.

Gesture Control for his TV and Smart Gadgets

Control your TV and smart home devices with the ease of lifting a finger.
Control your TV and smart home devices with the ease of lifting a finger.

Do you remember the Tom Cruise’s movie "Minority Report" and how he was pinching screens and controlling all kinds of ghostly windows hovering before him with hand gestures? Well, these futuristic tools and technology are now a reality: the device that brings that gesture-based technology to life is called Singlecue and will make an excellent gift for a guy who loves tech gadgets and seems to have everything.

Singlecue is a remote control device that lets you control all smart home gadgets around your house with gestures. It has an integrated camera that analyzes movement and a color LCD display that gives you visual feedback, so you know which feature of each device you are controlling. So, instead of digging through couch cushions to find the remote for your TV, cable box, satellite box, Roku, AV receiver etc., with the Singlecue you can just give them the finger – we mean, your index finger.


Here is how Singlecue works: you set it up by your TV and directly facing wherever you might be sitting, so you would be within the camera's field of view. Then you add and set up your smart devices through the Singlecue app. After the setup is done, you can start creating “activities”. “Activities” are scripts that let you control several devices in a sequence, like for example turning them all off with one gesture. These can also teach Alexa to tell Singlecue to switch to a specific channel. One limitation to have in mind is that the device needs to have light to see hand gestures, so if you like watching TV in the dark, it will have a hard time seeing your commands.

The Singlecue works with lots of TVs, streaming boxes like Apple TV and Roku, home theaters, amplifiers, Philips Hue, Alexa, Nest devices and more are constantly being added to their library all the time.

Personal Protective Gadget Against Viruses, Germs and Allergens

Wear this personal air purifier to create a bubble of germ-free air around you.
Wear this personal air purifier to create a bubble of germ-free air around you.

The AirTamer personal air purifier is a unique and useful gift idea for people who have everything and either travel a lot or work at places where people tend to gather together to breathe, sneeze and cough on each other (like hospitals, schools, crowded offices or construction sites). We all know that these places are a Petri dish for germs and cesspools of infection and sickness, so who wouldn’t want to protect themselves?! This tiny air purifier can also be a good present for someone with pollen allergies or someone who suffers from asthma.

The AirTamer is a protective gadget that hangs on your neck like a necklace and creates sort of a "bubble" of clean air around you. It is effective within about 3-feet radius. Size wise, it is pretty compact and unobtrusive and it is definitely more attractive than wearing a protective face mask. It has a rechargeable battery that charges for about 3 hours and lasts more than two weeks on a single charge.

Here is how it works: on top of the air purifier there is a little black brush that emits negative ions. Ions are natural particles that have either a positive or negative charge. The negative ions are the good guys and can be found in very high concentrations in places with clean, natural air like mountains and forests. The negative ions attach themselves to airborne particles such as dust, pollen and viruses, giving them a negative charge. These newly-formed particles then get attracted to positively charged surfaces such as clothes or furniture, causing them to drop from the air you breathe, thus preventing you from inhaling them into your lungs, which is how they cause problems.

It is important to also know that most air purifiers emit a tiny amount of ozone as a by-product of generating a high level of negative ions. The ozone output of the AirTamer, according to the manufacturer, is 4.4 parts per billion. The Environmental Protection Agency limit on acceptable ozone emission is 50 parts per billion, which makes it safe to use.


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