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Gifts for People Who Are Hard To Shop For: Writers Edition

Updated on December 2, 2016

Don't Panic

There are dozens of different great gifts for people who are writers. First off, most writers like to read, so simply getting a book that you think they would like is not a bad way to go. You can also do something practical - something to learn from or write with. You can get get something decorative for an office of dorm. Or you can get something that says "The person who has this is a writer. Choices abound.

One of my favorite gifts to give a writers is a writing utensil that harkens back to less complicated days. This is especially good for someone who already has a lot of things because these tend to be so individual that someone can have more than one and it is just fine.

One option is glass blown pen that can be dipped in ink and written with. It is beautiful and very elegant. These pens are nice to write with or good just for displaying. You may also want to pick up a matching ink well. You can also get complete writing sets or even make a simple quill pen.

If your recipient has room, you can't beat the sound of an old typewriter.
If your recipient has room, you can't beat the sound of an old typewriter.

How Can I Write? Let Me Count The Ways

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The Associated Press Stylebook

Yes, everyone has heard of the AP as a news distributer, but their stylebook can be an invaluable source of information for writers. Is Grinch always capitalized? How about hallelujah?

You have a lot of options here, too.

  • The spiral bound book itself
  • an online subscription
  • a subscription to their quizzes

If you aren't a writer, that last one sounds like a drag, but some of us really enjoy proving we know where the commas go.

Some Classics
Some Classics

I Am Writer, See Me Roar

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild has tons of these types of things - Lady MacBeth's Guest Soap...a mug with Kurt Vonnegut's sayings...sticky notes in literature-related shapes...etc.

Uncommon Goods is also good for this: literary scarves, socks that list banned books, Pride and Prejudice throw, a prompt journal; even tea bags with literary quotes on them.

Litographs makes clothing and art out of fantastic books. Pick from more than 200 books. I first noticed them when I saw a green t-shirt with red braids that turned out to have the entirety of Anne of Green Gables written out invery verysmall letters. Turns out they also had a tote or a poster instead.

Another Option? Literary Magazines

There are too many magazines to mention and it is going to depend on what kind of writing your gift receiver likes and what you think he or she is going to do with the gift (wants to know what is out there in order to publish, etc.). I've listed two that are good general ones. For others, try googling "literary magazine" and one other word that describes your person and you have something to go on.

Are You A Writer?

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