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Collectable Persian Cat Souvenirs - Gifts for Persian Cat Lovers

Updated on March 20, 2011

Persian Cat Breed

The Persian Cat breed originates in the English culture from around the Second World War, but for the most part American cat breeders have taken over the breed to perfect its form, fur, and health.

The cat breed is one of the oldest known long hair cat breeds. It has a round face and a short, flat muzzle that is easy to identify as being a Persian. These cats come in a variety of colors to include pointed, golden, tortoiseshell, blue, and tabby. But, it's the short muzzle that really sets the Persian cat breed a part from other breeds.

Over time, as cat breeders begin creating different color Persian cats, they have shortened the muzzle even further, creating a flat-faced cat, which can cause many health problems. The breed is prone to breathing difficulties, skin and eye problems, birthing difficulties, malformed tear ducts, inward folding eyelids, upper eyelid trichiasis, Polycystic kidney disease, Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, early onset Progressive retinal atrophy, skin cancer, lower urinary tract disease, and many other health problems. Because of the numerous health problems associated with the breed, there are veterinary and animal welfare associations who are trying to change the standard of the breed to help elongate the flattened muzzle just enough to reduce some of the health problems.

Even with all the health problems, Persian cats are still known for their great temperaments, which is a strong point that keeps Persian cat lovers with their breed. is a very quiet cat that can be considered homely. The breed is affectionate, friendly towards strangers, clean, predictable, vocal, and sometimes fussy over food.

If you are trying to shop around for someone who just loves his/her Persian cat, definitely consider some of the gift choices below. Certainly, this is not a set list, as there are many options that you can find. The below gift options should get you started thinking about what your recipient may like the best.

Persian Cat Figurine

Figurines are a great collectible gift. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. If you're looking for a Persian cat figurine that is a collectible item, you'll definitely want to start on ebay, as there are so many different people selling a wide range of things, you shouldn't have a problem finding a rare Persian cat statue for a discounted price.

Any Persian cat lover will enjoy opening a gift to find a collectible cat figurine within the box.

Persian Cat Art

Art can be found in many different ways, and the most popular Persian cat art is in paintings and drawings. Whether the canvas is drawn upon, painted, etched, or whatever, any Persian cat lover will definitely enjoy hanging a piece of art that features the favorite cat breed.

These pieces are great for hall or bedroom decor. Some people will hang them in the living room, or put small pieces of art in the bathroom. It really all depends on the recipient's preferences.

Personally, I have drawings of my favorite pets hung in my bedroom. These have been by far some of my most favorite gifts that I have received in a long time.

Persian Cat Key Chain

Key chains make great gifts because they're cheap and easy to find. You can find many different types of Persian cat key chains available on eBay, ranging from abut $5 to $15. The price will depend on the size and style of the keychain, but for the most part, you'll find that whichever you choose, you'll bring a smile on someone's face.

It's great to be able to grab your keys and see your favorite cat breed. It's like toting around your pet everywhere you go.

You can find key chains ranging from metal designs, porcelain (I wouldn't necessarily recommend putting keys on these, as they're easy to break), wood, and even plus cat key chains.

Persian Cat Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs are great gifts. They're simple and can be used by anyone anywhere. They're great desk ornaments, pencil holders, flower holder (flowers cut short, of course), and of course a drinking cup for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and anything in-between.

There are many different styles of coffee cups to choose from, which is why the price can vary so much. You can find etched glass mugs, ceramic mugs with a picture imprinted on them, and sometimes you can even find cups shaped like Persian cats (the face).

For the most part, you can find Persian cat coffee cups for about $5 or more, depending on what exactly you're looking for.

Personalized Persian Cat Gift

There are many different personalized gifts that you can choose from, ranging from shirts, coffee cups, key chains, jewelry, blankets, pictures, and so much more. Personalized gifts are a great way to show you pay attention, as you can find sellers and companies who personalize, monogram, and etch whatever you want onto the product.

Sometimes you can find companies who sell and personalize so that you can save money, but otherwise, you may have to sue two different vendors to get your Persian cat gift personalized.

Consider personalizing the product with the pet's name, date of birth, the year in which you purchased the product, the person's name, or a cute phrase. There are many options that you can choose from to personalize your gift, and that's going to be completely your choice, but remember that personalized gifts are definitely perfect for any occasion.

Books about Persian Cats

Persian Cats (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)
Persian Cats (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)

This is a popular book about Persian cats that describe diet, housing, exercise, and health care.



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