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Gifts for Whovians

Updated on November 6, 2014

Christmas is drawing frighteningly close, and it means that it is time to break out the piggy banks and get gift giving. If you have a fan of Doctor Who in your life, then these amazing themed gift ideas will be right up your street.

We’ll start off with the Tardis Biscuit Tin and Disappearing Tardis Mug for those Whovians who are also tea jennies and or cookie monsters. The biscuit tin will make grabbing a custard cream that little bit more special and the mug will surely make your morning brew taste that little bit more sci-fi. To guard the biscuit tin, a Weeping Angel figurine is ideal and also thematic.

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Another Doctor Who gift perfect for the kitchen is the Dalek Bottle Opener – you can totally exterminate that beer bottle with ease. Using the Doctor’s greatest enemy to enjoy a cold drink will please any Doctor Who fan. And if you enjoy baking, then what better than some Doctor Who cookie cutters? Including shapes to make Dalek, Adipose, Weeping Angel and Tardis shaped biscuits, they are undoubtedly cool.

If the Whovian in your life is a bit younger, then there are loads of age appropriate gifts too. Like the Doctor Who Gold Dalek Mr Potato Head which not only looks incredibly cool, but is also lots of fun! The Adipose Plush is cute and cuddly and perfect to snuggle into on a winter’s evening, no matter your age.

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If you fancy causing a post-Christmas lunch family argument, then go all out for the Doctor Who Monopoly set for a twist on the traditional money grabbing game.

And what will I be getting for Christmas? Probably socks again, although if they are anything like these Doctor Who ones, I definitely won’t mind this year!

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Doctor Who Christmas Puppets


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