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Fun and Affordable Gifts for Writers

Updated on September 21, 2017
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Sadie Holloway teaches communication skills to people who want to build better relationships at home, at work, and out in the community.

The most popular gifts for writers are the ones that motivate and inspire writers to keep pursuing their writing dreams. Check out these fun gifts for the aspiring writer on your shopping list!

Tell your friend she's a great writer by giving her a special gift.

A high-quality, refillable fountain pen is a lovely gift to give a writer. Plus, it's an eco-friendly gift, too!
A high-quality, refillable fountain pen is a lovely gift to give a writer. Plus, it's an eco-friendly gift, too!

Do you need to find a gift for someone you know who dreams of being a writer one day? Check out this list of gift ideas to help you put a smile on your loved one's face. These suggestions are suitable for a variety of budgets and tastes. A bonus is that some of these gifts for writers are low-impact or waste-free! As a freelance writer myself, I know I'd be delighted to receive any one of these gifts for writers. I'll bet the budding writer in your life would love them, too!

Be a Sounding Board for an Aspiring Writer

Give the gift of your undivided attention. Attentively listening to someone else's writing hopes and dreams is priceless gift for a budding author. It's a budget friendly writing gift, too! To make the gift extra fun, design some 'coupons' the writer can cash in when they need some moral support. Here's some sample wording for a custom coupon for a writer:

This coupon is good for a yummy coffee at your favorite café where you can sit down, take a load off, laugh a while, and enjoy some good company (with me, of course)! I can't wait to hear your fascinating story ideas!

Writers often find it hard to give themselves permission to take a break from their craft. An open invitation to call anytime your friend needs to vent, chill out or just chew the fat, can be just the creative boost he or she needs to keep going.

Get Personal

Personalized office supplies are popular gifts for writers. A favorite photo on a coffee mug or mouse pad or a custom embossed folio or day-timer is not only a practical gift for a writer, it's sentimental, too. Writers who work at home by themselves don't get the kind of free stuff that people who work for big companies get from their employers: free coffee mugs, jackets, key chains, umbrellas and brief cases. Gifts that help writers promote their businesses, such as business cards, signage and stationary are also highly prized by writers. If you are not sure about the design of items such as business cards or stationary, present them with a gift card or gift certificate for a professional print shop or stationer.

Make Your Gift Last All Year Long

Magazine subscriptions can feel like a luxury item for a writer just starting out. I know, because I have an expensive addiction to literary magazines. My magazine reading habits were getting so expensive that I had to cancel a few subscriptions and start reading my favorite magazines at the library. An avid magazine reader can spend upwards of $200 - $300 per year on subscriptions.

There are a variety of literary magazine subscriptions of varying price points that the writer on your gift list would appreciate receiving. And the great thing about magazine subscriptions is that they last all year long. Magazines are also easy to recycle or give away to others, making them an eco-friendly gift as well.

Give Your Writer the Pro Treatment

Networking is vital to a freelance writer's career. Offering to buy your writer friend a membership in a professional association will help get them off the ground floor and up into the world of professional writing. Likewise, a membership in a business association, writing club or public speaking support group are perfect for writers who want to do more networking. Writers who work from home get tremendous benefits from getting out and meeting other writers and creative types. Clubs and professional associations are excellent places for writers to network, share ideas and keep their ears to the ground on upcoming writing contests and conferences. Offering to pay for a year-long membership in a writing club or business association is a gift that would be appreciated by most freelancers.

Bring in the Experts

A gift certificate for a consultation with an expert can help improve a freelance writer's confidence, productivity, and business know-how. There are some things that entrepreneurs, freelancers and aspiring writers tend to avoid doing; working on essential business-related tasks such as marketing, bookkeeping, web-site development and computer equipment. These are important tasks that can easily get pushed aside when the deadlines start closing in or a writer's freelance income slows to a trickle. Giving a gift certificate or prepaid session with a business consultant is a great way to help the writer in your life improve their business acumen. Here are some expert services that would be appreciated by most freelance writers and budding entrepreneurs:

  • A computer tune-up by a tech expert to improve processing speed, remove bugs and glitches, and improve the writer's computer performance and efficiency
  • A consultation with an SEO expert to help the writer improve their website and make it more search friendly
  • A meeting with a graphic designer to assess the writer's brand strategy and graphic design needs
  • A meeting with a financial adviser or accountant to make sure that the writer is taking advantage of as many tax-savings opportunities as possible
  • A consultation with a seasoned journalist, writing teacher or editor is one of the best gifts you can offer a new freelance writer or blogger

Writing books that help aspiring authors improve their craft make great gifts!
Writing books that help aspiring authors improve their craft make great gifts!

Build a Library for Your Aspiring Writer

Quality reference books are essential desktop accessories for anyone serious about a career as a writer. Help the aspiring writer on your gift-giving list build her library of essential writing reference books. Books such as The Chicago Manual of Style, a high-quality dictionary, the AP Stylebook and a copy editing handbook are must-haves in a writer's reference library.

Go High-Tech without the High Price

Digital writing tools are popular with bloggers and digital content creators. Apps for smartphones, tablets, and Apple products can equip writers with useful writing tools such as voice memos, creative brain games, brainstorming tools and digital sketchbooks. A gift certificate for as little as $25.00 from the iTunes store could equal dozens of new apps on the writer's favorite mobile device.

Are You a Writer?

Which of these gifts for writers would you like to receive?

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Journals, Moleskine notebooks, fountain pens, and other office supplies are always in great demand by writers! You can't go wrong buying a fancy pen for a writer!
Journals, Moleskine notebooks, fountain pens, and other office supplies are always in great demand by writers! You can't go wrong buying a fancy pen for a writer!

© 2014 Sadie Holloway


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  • Room of My Own profile image

    Sadie Holloway 4 years ago

    Thanks Wiccan Sage! I had a computer meltdown a few months ago and I had to have a technical wizz come in to patch everything up. It was a bit of an unexpected financial hit, and I would have been delighted to have had a gift certificate in my back pocket! The other consulting service that I forgot to add to my list of gifts for writers is a coaching session. I find that sometimes I get so scattered with all my writing goals that it's hard to pick just one to focus on sometimes. A certified coach would be great for any writer who wants to create a clear action plan for achieving their writing and publishing objectives.

  • WiccanSage profile image

    Mackenzie Sage Wright 4 years ago

    What great, fabulous ideas! I would totally not mind consultation with an expert for a gift, I don't think anyone ever thinks of that for a writer. Great work, voted up.