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Gifts for the Sports and Health Enthusiast

Updated on December 12, 2011

Great Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas
Gift Ideas | Source

Gift List

Are you still scratching your head concerning gift buying for that health and exercise
enthusiast on your Christmas gift list? Well, check out this list of great holiday presents that many health and exercise enthusiasts would certainly enjoy receiving.

Fitness Magazines
The perfect stocking stuffer or holiday  gift for that pal who enjoys working out to improve their physique might include a magazine subscription. Magazines are a no-brainier gift idea. And of course the receiver will enjoy the gift through the entire year. A few favorites to consider are Health Magazine, Prevention Magazine, Runner's Magazine, Men's Health, Women's Health, Weight Watchers, Shape Magazine.

Healthy Cookbooks
The perfect gift for the health conscious individual might be a healthy cookbook packed with low calorie or nutritional recipes to enjoy.

Get Fit Quick DVD
Take a look and around at some of the great fitness DVD's. They are great for the exercise enthusiast who does not have the time to go to the gym to workout. A few popular one's are the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels, Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30.

Yoga DVD
Research shows that practicing yoga is a great way to get into shape and get rid of stress. Purchase one of the Yoga DVD's and place it in their  stocking. Great gift even if they are a runner, hiker, jogger, or weight lifter.

Digital Pedometer
Digital Pedometers give an accurate reading of the number of steps one walks, jogs or runs.. Great way to count how far they've traveled in a workout. This is a gift that really counts for the walking enthusiast, runner, jogger, or those who participate in aerobic workouts.

Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
Here is another great gift idea for the health enthusiast. The automatic wrist blood  pressure monitor is a great way to keep track of blood pressure and detect any irregularities. The automatic wrist blood pressure monitor is also small light weight and easy to store away.

Zumba Fitness
The Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation DVD set is a all-important gift for anyone who wants to lose weight or get in shape. The wild pulsating Latin rhythms and fun dance movements make this an excellent workout and a front-runner for many.

Wii Fit Plus Software
Game consoles are a getting in on the fitness craze. The user inputs their information and the software recommends a set of workouts. Remarkably close to having their very own personal trainer. Another excellent gift choice for the exercise enthusiast on your gifting list.

Wii Fitness Bundle
People are utilizing their game console's to work out and get in shape. The 5 in 1 Wii Fitness Bundle is a perfect gift for any health enthusiast who already owns a Nintendo Wii.

Gym Membership
Perhaps your friend is more of a social type and enjoys working out at the gym with other like minded people. And all they want for Christmas is a membership to the local fitness center or gym.  Treat your exercise enthusiast pal to a membership at a local gym. This gives them a rich opportunity to socialize and enjoy getting fit.

gifts for sports and health


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    • Evylyn Rose profile image

      Evylyn Rose 6 years ago from Colorado, USA

      Great gift ideas! I laughed a little at the mention of weight lifters under the Yoga DVD suggestion. My ex was a power lifter and he joined me on a yoga session once. It was hilarious! Yoga is good for any athletic individual, but perhaps some may need one of the less advanced DVDs for those not used to it. Voted up!

    • Bianu profile image

      Bianu 6 years ago from Africa

      Nice Hub. Voted up.

      One of the best Christmas gifts ideas here is so unexpected. I would love to receive the Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor.

      So practical and enduring