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Gifts to Send to People Very Far Away

Updated on September 12, 2011

Although you may not be that into giving gifts, it’s a fact that you will have to give at some point in your life. Birthdays never go away and holidays come every year without a skip of a beat. In order to make sure that you are actually going to be able to give a nice gift this holiday season, make sure you are thinking of the people who live far away from you. Giving someone a nice gift who lives really close isn’t that hard of a task, but giving gifts to those who live in faraway places can be a little tricky. There are a lot of price issues that along with shipping when you ship to somewhere far off, and all of that other stuff that makes things a lot harder towork with. Here are some great ideas for sending things to people who you love who also live pretty far away.

Fruit Baskets. There is not a person out there who doesn’t appreciate getting a fruit basket from another person. Giving a fruit basket to someone who lives close is easy because you can just make the basket yourself, but if the person lives far away that’s a different story. There are a lot of websites out there that offer great prices on fruit baskets which means that you can send them a fresh fruit basket that will arrive to their house on the day those fruit baskets are made. This guarantees that the fruit is fresh and delicious. You can’t actually send fruit is a box and then except it to stay for that whole time, but you can expect that fruit basket companies take good care of the fruit baskets so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Flowers. Everyone out there loves coming home to a big bouquets sitting on their porch. If you know someone that is having a birthday, needs some cheering up, or just wants some attention, flowers are great gifts for those people. These can be bought online and then shipped fresh to the person just like the fruit baskets. You will be able to show the person that you love them without actually having to do anything more than just picking out the flowers and paying for them. What an easy yet thoughtful gift.

Meats and Cheeses. Yes, this is the secondfooditem on this list but that’s only because people love getting food. During the holiday season there are all sorts of different specials all around for giving wonderful sausages and cheeses to people through the mail. You can send those wonderful packages for a nice little treat to the person receiving them. Create a holiday tradition by sending delicious snacks and appetizers to all of your favorite people. The great thing about these gifts is that they are all packaged fresh that you don’t have to worry about food going bad by the time it get there. Make someone’s season special cards.

If you don’t have a ton of money to spend on that special someone, then it’s nice to just drop them a line with a word or two about how special they are to you. Cards make it so easy for people to say what they are thinking because they do it for you. No matter if it’s a birthday or a holiday, it’s always nice to get a card in the mail these days. With everything resorting to e-mail and being online, people really love to get mail at their house because now it’s an exciting thing. When e-mail was first getting started, people loved getting messages online because it was the new thing. However, now that’s how everything is sent, and the old fashioned way is a really nice change of pace.

Candles. Although this is the type of gift that you could easily give to someone who lived near you, it’s also a great gift to send off to the people who you don’t live close to. First of all, candles are pretty lightweight for the most part, so they cost very little to ship. They are also sturdy and unbreakable, so you don’t have to be worried about some smashed candle showing up at your mother’s doorstep. Plus, people just like candles in general. Even if you feel obligated to send off a gift to someone you don’t know really well, then sending off a candle is a good idea. Just pick a nice and mellow scent, and the person will definitely love and appreciate it. Most of the time, people just want to get anything from the people they love because it shows that you put them into some account and have been thinking about them recently.

Money. Lastly, if you really can’t think about anything to send someone, everyone loves to get money here and there. Obviously you aren’t going to send your mom or dad any money on holidays, but if you have a little niece, nephew or sibling, you can definitely send them some money to show them you care. With this being summer, sending money off for graduations is actually the best idea out there. New high school grads want money when they graduate to go towards college or their summer trips. You can help them get there with just a twenty dollar bill. When grads send out their invites to everyone they know, they end up getting cards back with cash in them, which is exactly what they wanted. If you don’t know the graduate all that much, or if you just can’t think of anything else to get them, then just send some cash that way. They will appreciate it and you will be facilitating a bright future for them. Celebrating a high school graduation is a great way to show them that you care and love them, and money definitely speaks that love for you. So, last resort, send some money to the people you love when you can’t think of a better gift to send off.


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