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Gifts for Starcraft 2 Players

Updated on December 7, 2012

Thinking of gifts or starcraft gift ideas to get for a good friend, significant other or relative? Especially if you intend to get them something related to starcraft 2? The first few things to find out is probably how madly they are enamored with the game, and after that find out what they already have so you wouldn't give them something that they already do. For example if they already have the collector's edition they might not want a normal edition of the game since they would have no use for it, but if you flip it around the collector's edition may make a good but rare and expensive present for someone with just the normal version since its no longer being produced anymore.

Or alternatively, you can get them Heart of the Swarm, the sequel to the first Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty.

The cheapest but still good value gift you can get for a starcraft 2 player is most probably a starcraft 2 themed mousepad.

It gets a bit tricky as to exactly which mousepad you should get them. If you know the race they play, and its Terran, you are probably safe giving them a Marauder mousepad, don't worry if you don't know what it means, Amazon does, and so will the starcraft 2 player!

If the person plays zerg though, then you most likely wouldn't want to give them that mousepad, but perhaps give them a Kerrigan v Zeratul mousepad instead. It also doubles nicely for protoss players. It's also a safe bet if you have entirely no idea what those names are about! If you happen to have a rather generous budget for this particular giving of gift you might consider getting starcraft 2 keyboard and mouse or its gaming equivalents as starcraft gifts.

The next safe bet is probably to get them a T-shirt. It adds something to their wardrobe, whether they are male or female. Make sure to pick the right one! Those by jinx do add a humorous touch that is appreciated by those playing the game, but not so much by those not. They have quite a large selection by now and there is very probably something for everyone and all at a cost that is within the affordable range of 20 bucks or so. Starcraft 2 clothes thus makes good gifts.


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