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Girls Makeover Parties - How to Hold a Girls Makeover Party

Updated on June 17, 2011

Girls Makeover Parties

From a young age girls love anything to do with hair and makeup, so girls makeover parties are a great solution to the 'what sort of birthday party do you want this year' question.

Party ideas for girls aged around 6 and upwards can be a problem. By this age you certainly don't want 30 of their class mates in your house playing pass the parcel, and to be fair, by this age kids don't want that either - what they want are activity parties.

Now activity parties have some great advantages, you tend to be able to get away with lower numbers of guests, plus an activity will keep the kids occupied. One option is to take the girls out somewhere, but even with only 8 - 10 children the cost of this can be prohibitive - which leaves the other option of doing something at home, and makeover parties lend themselves to this very well.

Makeover parties are suitable for a a range of ages from around 6 up to early teens. They're also easy to arrange at home for very little cost.

What to Include in a Girls Makeover Party

Once you're decided to hold a make up party the next decision is what theme to have for it.

A theme is a good idea as it keeps the kids focused and is something that can be brought into other parts of the party such as the cake or the party bags. Potential themes you could use include Princesses or Fairies, Hollywood or Rock Chick.

Once your theme is chosen you need to decide which elements you want to concentrate on for the makeover i.e. hair, make-up, nails, temporary tattoos etc. It's advisable to stick to two or three activities rather than trying to cram everything into the party as otherwise you may risk running out of time.

Make Up Party for Girls - Running Order

 Decide before hand in what order you are going to do the make-overs ~ you can either have everyone doing the same thing at the same time, or split the girls into groups so that some are having their hair done whilst some are doing make-up.

Running order is especially important if you're including nail polish in your makeover as that needs time to dry.

The more adults you have to help, the better, and you can always repay the favour by helping out at their child's next birthday party.

The Final Touches

It's a good idea to have a digital camera to hand and an area set aside for photos to be taken so that each child can have a lasting memento of the party ~ these photos can be emailed once the party is finished.

It's also a nice touch if you can bring the theme of the party into things such as the birhtday cake and party bags. This doesn't have to be a expensive addition to the party, cakes can easily be themed using cake toppers and there are plenty of ways of finding cheap party bag fillers.

There are plenty of others ideas for at home parties i.e. jewellery making, cupcake decorating, card making, felt flowers etc.

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