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Give The Perfect Baby Shower

Updated on June 3, 2010

At The Baby Shower

Baby Shower Cake
Baby Shower Cake
Baby Shower Games
Baby Shower Games

Planning the Baby Shower!

You have taken on the task of planning, throwing, and hosting a baby shower. Where do you begin? Most people don't enjoy the task of hosting a baby shower or any other type of shower or party. I'm here to tell you they can be fun and very entertaining. You can give a baby shower that everyone will enjoy and remember. The guest can have so much fun that when the are invited to the next baby shower they will be excited to go.

So here goes your to do list;

1. Know when the new baby is due and decide on a date, place, and time for the baby shower.

2. Pick a theme if you choose to use a theme. Looking at the types of decorations at your local party store will give you loads of ideas. Or you can google baby shower themes for ideas.

3. Make your guest list and send out invitations with enough RSVP time to plan the amount of food and prizes you will need.

4. Have your mother to be register at her favorite store so that your potential guest will no what the Mother to be wants and needs for her new baby. Include this location on your invitations.

5. Plan your party games and prizes. Make your prizes something the women will really want to compete for like jewelry (costume of course). Do pick lame dollar store items that will leave your guest wondering what they will do with them.

Some games we played at the last shower I threw were:

A. Guess how many M&M's are in the bottles. The one closest to the correct amount wins. We used Pink M&M's because the new baby was a girl.

B. The stinky diaper game. This game was two fold, whomever has the soiled diaper at the end of the game wins the prize. Also if your caught saying the word baby you have to give up your diaper. We made these out of party napkins, fold to look like a diaper. The poo was chocolate. We decorated them with plastic diaper pin party favors.

C. Pass the Pacifier, this was the most fun of all. You will need a pacifier and enough straws for each person to have one. The object pass the pacifier to the next person using only your mouth and the straw. No hands allowed. This will have them all laughing and having a good time.

D. There is the word scramble game. Pick words that pertain to baby, mix them up, have your guest unscramble them to win a prize. Of course you must put them on a time limit.

E. Buy everyone a baby bottle, fill it with yours or theirs, favorite drink (no booze, not fair to the mother to be). Have everyone race to drink it all, by drinking through the nipple just like a baby would.

F. Guess the size of the Mother to Be's belly. Your will need a roll of toilet paper. Have each person take off the roll the amount that they would use when going potty ( don't tell that its for a belly size guess), this makes the game more interesting.

One other thing we did and this was just for Mother to be, we took lots of pictures with a digital camera of every guest. We printed them out there at the party. Each person was supplied with all the items need to make a scrap book page with any baby advice they had to give. Anyone one who is a mom knows haw everyone loves to tell you how to raise your children. So we got it all out in the open. This was great fun and a cherished gift for the new mommy. Make sure you have all items needed from photos, glue, paper, pens, and any other scrap booking accessories you think will be needed. And don't forget the album itself.

6. As the party date grows near, order your food items and cake.

7. Party day is here decorate, welcome your guest, and most important have a great time.


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    • BJBenson profile image


      8 years ago from USA

      A very nice hub with great ideas.


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