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Give a Gift of Nostalgia this Holiday Season!

Updated on November 13, 2011

If you have ever watched Clark Griswold try to orchestrate the perfect Christmas in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, you know how crazy the holidays can get if you try to capture the past. In the film Clark Griswold, played by Chevy Chase, tries to create the perfect family Christmas, a holiday that he remembers from his youth. As with all Clark Griswold movies things don’t work out as planned. In this case nostalgia resulted in disaster after disaster from unexpected guest, to a Christmas tree squirrel and even a kidnapping. Although this movie is great, in fact one of my favorites, all nostalgia around the holidays doesn't have to be bad. In fact giving the gift of nostalgia this holiday season can be an excellent idea.

There are a number of ways you can give a gift of nostalgia. Most of it has to do with the person you are giving the gift too; nostalgic gifts are so great because they have to be personal. You have to know the person well enough to know who they were in the past and what will remind them of good times of yesteryear. So although I have plenty of suggestions below, when it comes down to it, you have to know the person to make this gift work.

Nostalgic Candy Baskets

Now there are a few things out there that are sold for the main purpose of being a nostalgic gift. This includes nostalgic candy gift baskets and boxes from certain decades. As you can see in the Amazon links to the right there are a number of different baskets for different decades. From the candy of the 1990’s all the way back to the 1950’s! Two main distributors include Candy Crate and Hometown Favorites. Each offers similar baskets and boxes filled with candy from a particular decade. They are also not bad in price ranging around $25 to $30. My suggestion would be to pick the decade in which the person you are giving the gift was say 6-12 years old, which I assume is the best age for candy! These boxes and baskets are not just filled with candy they are filled with your youth and most importantly your memories of good times. What better gift then one that brings up all the great memories you share or even that brief moment of stress free laughing that you use to have as a kid!

Nostalgic DVD Sets

Another nostalgic gift you can give is a collection of DVD’s. These can be old movies they grew up watching or even better, old television shows they use to watch all the time but have not seen since it went off air. These gifts of DVD’s will bring the person right back to where they were when they watched the shows on television the first time! Hopefully it’s a good feeling!

Nostalgic Books

A great gift for soon to be parents or just those searching for pieces of their childhood could be old children’s books. Recently I discovered online one of the first books I remember reading! It took me years to find because although I remember the story, I could not remember the title of the book. When I discovered it online, I was so excited and I am planning on buying a copy of eBay. Finding a children’s book that the soon to be parent read when they were a child is an amazing gift to give. It shows that you know the person but allows you to give the soon to be parent a chance to share a special part of themselves with their new child! Be careful this one might bring on the water works, although it would be good tears!

Here's a link to the book I found: Nostalgia: Finding the book that defined my Childhood

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