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Giving my first baby shower

Updated on November 3, 2012

My best friend is going to have her first baby and I decided to throw her a little baby shower. Knowing that this was the first time doing it, I was kind of nervous at first because I was worried about whether the people who came would enjoy it.

Planning a shower isn't always easy at times because you have to see when the person who is going to have the baby will be available to go, however, when everything is already planned it will be easy to plan. They have books that show us how to plan baby showers and how to do it but sometimes having something small can sometimes be better.

I knew what I had to do, food, a few decorations, and most of all inviting those I know to the baby shower. This being my first time giving a baby shower, I wanted to have a simple one to see how it would turn out, so I decided on making sandwiches, a veggie platter, tostada chips and chile con queso, a chicken salad and the best part dessert. This was something light especially at night when one shouldn't eat so much . The food that was prepared was really a good idea because the ladies who came to the shower really enjoyed the food.

Then came the gifts, just the joy of seeing my friend open up the gifts for her baby to come soon, made me see that it was worth doing a small baby shower. Being a first time mom and just getting gifts can make a person happy. We did two games, one was a paper plate game where we put it on our heads and draw what the baby will look like and the mother to be was to choose which is the best. That game was funny because the drawings were kind of interesting. Then there was a jelly bean game, we had to guess how many jelly beans was in a glass jar, it is amazing how many jelly beans can fit in a little baby food jar, there was a total of 153 jelly beans in that little jar.

Overall, it was a good baby shower, even though it was my first time doing it. I was just happy to see my friend smile and having a good time. Who would of thought that something simple made for a good time within us ladies at the baby shower.


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    • vespawoolf profile image

      vespawoolf 5 years ago from Peru, South America

      It sounds like you did a great job with the baby shower! I've played the jellybean game before. Some people get really good at it. I agree, too, that dessert is the best (and most important) part!