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Glow in the Dark Costumes

Updated on September 22, 2013

Halloween is a great time of year for glow in the dark things, especially glow in the dark costumes.  There are many to choose from.  Some costumes are made already and some you have to put together.  There are some clever costumes you would have never thought of like the glow in the dark stick figures and the the standard glow in the dark skeleton costume.  Maybe you will be inspired to make your own glow in the dark creation! 

I think these stick figure glow in the dark costumes are hilarious! Just imagine seeing a life size glowing stick figure walking toward you in the dark! I am tempted to get one of these costumes for myself. Now there is two versions of this glow in the dark body suit. Women come with a stick figure with a stick dress and hair. Men are typically just the stick figure. And yes this outfit is available in children's sizes also. The Glow in the dark stick figure comes with a black hooded jumpsuit. There are 100 8 inch glow sticks and fasteners that come with the Halloween costume. You can make the glow sticks into any design you would like. Glow in the dark stick figures available in blue as well.

To create more on the stick figure idea, how about a glow in the dark witch, stick robot or alien. These innovative costumes come with a black body suit and enough glow sticks to do the trick. Imagine how man people will comment on your costume choices.The alien costume comes in adult sizes only and one size fits all!

When you think of glow in the dark costumes Skeletons naturally come to mind. Being a skeleton is one of the easiest costumes to put on! The child's glow in the dark skeleton costume comes with a black polyester suit with a glow in the dark skeleton imprinted on it. Also included is the glow in the dark mask with eye holes. If you don't want to be a whole skeleton or put that much effort into your costume then the glow in the dark skeleton t shirt is for you.

The glow bones dog skeleton costume is pretty funny.  It gives the effect that your pooch is standing on end even when he is sitting down.  There is a body piece and a separate hood that goes around the dogs head.  There are ear holes cut out and it only goes around the back of the head.  The one that is shown is medium, but it can be also found in small,large, and extra large

 Time to get creative!  A glow in the dark fairy is a fun unique costume.  Although there is no original glow in the dark fairy costume, a few official glow in the dark items can pull together nicely.  Glow in the dark wings are the first step for your fairy.  Featured are Tinkerbell's wings.  These wings are powered by sunlight at batteries.

Another way to accentuate your outfit is a glow in the dark make up or nail polish 

Boy's Glow In The Dark Alien Costume (Size:Sm 4-6)

 You can be a glow in the dark alien. This costume for boys has a hood and robe. Also included is the glow in the dark alien mask.  Complete this look with glow in the dark gloves!

Kids Spider-Man Glow in the Dark Costume - Child Size 14-16

 The kids Spider-man Glow in the dark costume comes in sizes 14-16. This glow in the dark costume comes with a body suit and a pull over hood.  Glow in the dark fetures are on thsi costume.  Gloves are not included.

as you can imagine there are many glow in the dark skeleton costumes available. This one is a costume for a medium sized child. This year the skeleton costumes are scary and funny!


There seems to be quite abundance of glow in the dark accessories this year. The one that caught my eye the most was this glow in the dark body paint. It is reasonably priced and has no limits to it's creativity. There are all sorts of glow in the dark colors to choose from! Please be aware that the make up glows in black light! Not just in the dark!

How to apply glow in the dark make up


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